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Third genders have generally just been a social class that gay men are forced into in societies that have strict gender roles. Somehow the gender cult decided that oppressing gay men is good and something they should emulate and if you don't like it you're an evil colonist European.

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i dont know why we dont call out people who fetishize the failures and garbage of particular cultures. All we do day and night is criticize our own culture but somehow it's off limits if we show how ass backwards certain cultures are?

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Well, we know the wokesters are terminally high on Rousseau and the idea that non-European cultures were all gender-diverse utopias before Europeans showed up. They think Europeans invented proscriptions against homosexual sex. I guess they forget that the authors of Leviticus weren't white or European.

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Also notable that almost every third gender is exclusive to men. Women rarely got the option. Almost like these cultures could still tell which people were men and women and these third genders weren't actually genders.

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Yeah, the "third sex" is usually men I've read, and they're usually treated like trash with the lowest status possible. TRA ideologues -spoiled, Western- who think they're in any way an aspirational figure are just dolts.

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When arguing online I always use words like male, female , homosexual etc. I usually get a reply that gender doesn't equal sex , which I'm just like ya...that's why I was clearly referencing sex, not gender.

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I used to think "gender" was another term for sex. But yeah, I rarely use that word anymore, instead saying sex.

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Same here; I thought they were somewhat interchangeable, but I didn't use to think of it often. But now, trans activists have weaponized the word. "Gender is a social construct!"- Well, that's mostly true I guess. But SEX, and sexual attraction aren't social constructs. So now I'll say (more likely write) "sex", because it makes that reality clear.

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That’s what I do. I also say: homosexual, male/female. It makes things clear from the start what I am talking about.

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But they will never stop co-opting languages and expecting everyone to bow down to their delusions. Recently I heard someone say "trans women are female"

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This is the issue. They make shit up. I hear dudes call themselves female and... well... "I do not think you know what that word means" vibes. Strong.

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Let them.This way more common people will realize what a shitfest "trans rights" activism is.

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Nah. Most people will assume they're talking about ftm

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I have sort of mixed feelings about it. I understand why people want to use sex and not gender, since the former is more objective and the latter is more ambiguously defined. But I also don't really want to acknowledge these "third genders" as a legitimate thing either. I still feel like at the end of the day there really are only two "genders". Every culture seems to just have two: femininity and masculinity. "Third genders" are usually just gay men being shunted from the masculine gender to the feminine gender for not being properly masculine in their culture's eyes. And the many new nonbinary genders being invented in the west also seem to largely be measured by femininity vs masculinity.

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I do that too.

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The world was doomed the instant "have sex" became the term used in place of "copulate" . That made sex a Bad Word, so nice people used "gender" [improperly] as the polite replacement, and here we are.

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Agreed. I never use "sex" as a synonym for "gender" and avoid saying that word at all costs because it's completely irrelevant. Why should we put the gender role you like to conform to on your driver's license? Bitch we need to know what kind of blood to give you if you're unresponsive.

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Agreed. I strive to use female and male too, instead of man and woman, when talking about gender issues as well.

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I've been doing that for my entire life and I'm also using "man/men", "woman/women" and $male/female". I don't ever recall using "gender" as a replacement for "sex" because it just seems wrong to me.

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Yeah, I completely agree. I mean, I think most people in this sub are on board with that, right? I say "gender stereotypes" or "sex stereotypes" when I am referring to the cultural expectations that people have about each sex. Maybe I should just stick to "sex stereotypes" to be extra clear.