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And only "lesbians" is "free for all" category anyone can identify into.

Also, from what arse they got that weird statistics?

Especially considering that "rape" legally can only be done with penis involved. Is it because "identifying as lesbian" is there and not "lesbian" that they are including penises in statistics?

Tweet seems to be deleted now, but it was screenshoted and archieved:

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I get hot when you get all inquisitive.

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Been that way since they redefined lesbian to be non-men loving non-men. Never seen them describe gay men this way, but they do it with lesbian all the time. Apparently all it takes to be a lesbian these days is to not identify as a man. Which I guess includes like every animal since they are non-men who are attracted to non-men?

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This people are so fucking disgusting, damn

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Anyone get an archive? Doesn't seem to be coming up for me, I think they deleted?

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Oh, that's nice. At least they realized they made a mistake - but there no apology.

I'll try searching in cache or maybe someone archieved in replies there.


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There isn’t an ounce of consistency across those posts. They use completely different terms in each sentence. What counts as “sexual violence”? Is it the same or broader than rape? Cause are we comparing like to like or apples to oranges??? And that’s just ignoring the way they convey sexuality…

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I noticed the 2 stats for men just included sexual violence, but the 2 for women included stalking in addition to sexual violence. So these statistics are not even measuring the same things. Worthless internet statistics are worthless.

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It is way too often like that in such cases:

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Exactly. Equivocal language is a plague on the Earth.

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Reminds me of Coca-Cola recently banning "lesbian" from being written as a word on their customizable cans, apparently it's too dirty or offensive or something:

"Lesbian identifying people" thanks a lot, I'm more and more tempted to just call myself homosexual and not even use the word lesbian. If all people hear when I say "I'm a lesbian" is "I'm a porn category," why the fuck would I?

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I would not gave up our worlds to them - they want words "woman", "female", "lesbian" and some others. Those words are descriving me, not them, so they can f*ck off.

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I'm not a fan of "lesbian" because of how radical feminists have historically tried to take it over, as well. But I agree with you generally speaking, it's messed up that people are trying to redefine and obscure or hide discussion of female homosexuality (and the existence of sex in humans).