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I'm shocked that any lesbian bottom would ever categorically turn down a trans woman. She was passing, probably lived stealth but we didn't get into that much.

Probably because lesbian bottom isn't a thing.

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the trans idiots made this shit up. We just called them lazy pillow princesses back in the good old day

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I hate the whole top/bottom thing being used for lesbians. It makes no sense. Especially with the way they try to present it like every lesbian is either a top or bottom.

I assume this is because their entire idea of what lesbians are is from porn so they assume there's must always be a strap-on involved.

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Thy have this idea about a relationship based on dominance and submission in strict roles. It's horrid. But lots of youngs lesbians buy this bullshit

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Being a young lesbian in this period of time must be horrible. I feel like I'm just barely old enough that I missed the bulk of the insanity, any younger and I'd have people trying to tell me I'm really a man or trying to convince me to take dick when I was less sure of myself.

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Not all country have the same level of madness, thankfully. In the USA and Canada there is the peak of this idelogy.

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We are catching up in Oz and New Zealand is a lost cause.

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"cis-hets" are using it to refer to their relationships these days as well. Clown world.

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Top or bottom in a straight relationship?! 🤔🧐🤯 That's literally just asking "whose the man and whose the woman in the relationship" except there's already a man and a woman involved...

Is a straight woman a "top" just when she pegs her bf? Is a straight man a "top" during PiV sex? This makes no sense....

Can we go back to not loudly proclaiming our sexual preferences on social media, I miss those days.

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Gotta get that heteronormativity in there. But don't dare misgender them, so the "man" and "woman" of the relationship can't be called such, we need to invent new words to describe the imaginary gender that is imposed upon the lesbians in order to properly oppress them. But to say that every single one is a top or bottom? Even with gay men, where those terms actually apply, there are tons of versatile guys and sides. It's just flat out heteronormativity for dominance

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Yeah, lots forget that in gay couples plenty are versatile, and makes sense since you both have a dick and an asshole. And even top and bottom doesnt mean submissive and dominant.

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And all gay male sex doesn't involve penetration. I was actually surprised when my gay friend told me he rarely does any sort of penetration (top or bottom), I had assumed penetration was the main event for gay guys.

I love how different gay and lesbian sex is from each other and from heterosexual sex. This is why I don't think our sex terms are interchangeable, we have completely different bodies and sexual experiences.

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Vast majority of the time involve anal as main thing, but yeah not all gays like anal. I actually had read a comment on gaybros saying that in the past main event was oral and anal became a main thing with porn following heteronormativity, since anal looks a lot like vaginal sex. But being gay doesn't automatically mean you must to like to play with butt.

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I've had to reread it like 5 times because I don't know who is actually what and what's going on.

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I heard a couple of straight people the other day describe another straight person as "top" or "bottom"... it's beyond me at this point.

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Maybe they identify as clothing?

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I stopped reading the post after that line. So this coomer decides to start his degenerate rant by dunking on lesbians. Byee gurl lol

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Sorry I stopped reading at “stealth sex.”

Gonna go vomit now

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Stealth sex = Rape by deception. But if the partner freaked out and attacked the trans rapist, they would be the "bad guy". Trans really is a "get out of jail free card", modern day priest class of the gender cult.

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dear god. i just read through another one of his posts. listen to this. in his post titled “there’s no deception, i’m female” (fucking wut) he writes: “i have a slight scar around my vuvla and a slightly dry vaginal canal. nobody cares. i’m gorgeous, talented, and courteous. …” wtf lol. some serious serial killer American Psycho vibes.

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Does anyone feel it's bad for their mental health to keep interacting with these people? Like consenting adults can do what they want but this is wacky and they shouldn't be telling lesbians how to have sex.

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One of the largest injustices in these scenarios is that these people are simply being let loose and people are lying to buy into their delusions. These people need help but instead people are patting themselves on the back for telling the trans person the voices inside their head are real and totally valid.

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I think it's the dishonesty that gets me. I hate having to pretend that this is legitimately what's going on. I would honestly rather they admit to being agp, and then we can all have a conversation about appropriate boundaries rather than having to deal with all the lies and the vindictive behaviour when the get called out. Oh an the gaslighting, and bullshitting that goes on with pretending to be something they're not.

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I think unquestionably the worst thing about the whole thing is all the unsuspecting young gay, lesbian, and bisexual children who are going to get swept up into thinking "Oh, I'm not just an effeminate gay man, I'm a woman" and who's lives are going to be forever ruined by propaganda from (to be overly generous) well-intentioned idiots if not ideological dogmatists.

There was definitely a time during puberty where you could've convinced me I wasn't just gay, but actually trans. I remember my first crush on a straight guy and if you hit someone right at that time with "He would be interested in you if you were a girl" then who knows what would've happened. Kids are fucking dumb, that's at the core of my objection to this.

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Absolutely. I feel awful for these kids. In part, because they're too young to see that a lot of the vague terms and concepts are vague because people want to cover up all kinds of messes*; but also because I think this will blow over in about 10 years and they'll be stuck with the consequences.

  • And this is really where I hate the deceit. I'll use my friend's brother as an example. He's non-binary, transitioning to have a female body because "he feels like he has both a male and female brain, but would feel more comfortable with a female body". What's some kid meant to make of that? They don't know what autogynephilia is. This man isn't going to publicly tell anyone that his dysphoria developed during puberty, or that female "panties" featured prominently in his early transition. He'll cover up the fact that he was a gender conforming child (and adult, frankly) with no history of gender non-conforming behaviour. These kids are probably going to think that if you're a man who's effeminate, or sensitive; or if you're a woman whose a bit butch, or doesn't fit in with the girl cliques at school— then maybe that's what those adults mean when they're talking about having a male and female brain? And maybe some of those kids will then transition. That's what I hate about the lies. We know what's really going on but these kids don't. And now they're being duped into bad decisions they can't undo.

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These kids are probably going to think that if you're a man who's effeminate, or sensitive; or if you're a woman whose a bit butch, or doesn't fit in with the girl cliques at school

Which is the irony of ironies of the whole TRA cult. They have like the most rigid views of gender roles it's fucking absurd. Obviously, #NotAll, but so so so many MtFs just hold up this Barbie stereotype of femininity. They put on lipstick, a short skirt, or a sundress and suddenly they think they're a woman. TRAs and traditional conservatives agree almost completely on gender roles but they only disagree that transition is possible, it's fucking laughable. God forbid you're a gay man who might enjoy wearing panties or something like your example, no it means you're a girl. Who knows you might just enjoy wearing women's clothing or might enjoy drag, but no, to these people that means you should take sterilizing hormones and forever change your body.

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I know it's bad for my mental health to watch rapists be lauded and praised by society...

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10 euro this guy is some incel in the basement of his mom's house who is too scared to even go outside and writes fiction all day.

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I was in line getting late night munchies with my girlfriend recently, and the girl in front of us asked us if we were a couple and said she had a girlfriend too. We chatted with her for a bit. She was about a decade younger and it turns out she was hoping to get into the same career as us.

At one point I walked up to the counter to get our food and apparently she said to my girlfriend about me while I was gone for all of 30 seconds, “she’s the top, isn’t she?”

I have no idea what she even meant. I thought this was supposed to be sexual terminology, if anything. We did not talk about sex at all. Anyway I wasn’t there to hear it so I don’t know exactly how she said it but it struck me as such a weird thing to say. I was literally giving her career advice. She seemed nice enough otherwise and was academically very credentialed. I looked her up later and found out she has a pretty extensive social media presence and a following so I’m not surprised that the online lingo seeped in.

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are you a top? :D

But for real, wtf happens in people mind to ask such stupid and intimate questions?

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In newspeak "top" means the one with penis, after all "manly looking non-binary identifying man together with woman" in Canada will be considered as "lesbian couple" by law.

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He stealth-raped another transwoman?

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OP: “If someone went looking for the scars and knew what the scars were? I could get clocked. I have a puffy vag so the scars are in the crease of the labia majora.

You can also treat scars with creams and lasers. And have sex in the dark.

Yeah, while I don't think my experience is universal or guaranteed, I know I'm not alone. The future is getting work done for trans kids as teens so this becomes even less noticeable and more common.

Ffs cis people shrug their shoulders at herpes rates. They'll get over stealth trans women too“


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Uh, I don’t know who he’s been hanging out with, but I’ve yet to meet a single person who’s like “genital herpes for life? Sounds fine.”

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Sterilize kids so they can try to lie to sexual partners about their bodies. What happened to "love your body and find people who love you for you"...

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Nobody was going to love these creeps for their body, let alone their personality, so they made an entire movement where you're a bigot and monster if you even think about rejecting them.

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Ffs cis people shrug their shoulders at herpes rates. They'll get over stealth trans women too

Oh, so he recognizes that rapey pervs such as himself are like a disease? Guess I can agree with him on something, then!

Here's hoping that a cure is found for both herpes AND "stealth trans women" soon!

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He also claims that his gyno didn't realize he was a man lol.

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One of the comments ◔_◔ 🙄

What is it with some trans women always emphasizing that we won't "force our genitals on people"? I mean... yes, you can reasonably expect people not to rape others. Cis lesbians don't have to emphasize this all the time. Why would we? (Rethoric question. It's because TERFs made this a big talking point, making it seem like trans women, especially trans wlw, were out to rape cis women. We're not. And by always answering to this transphobic BS we're giving it space it doesn't deserve.)

They think that the evil terves are accusing them of something that indeed, does happen.