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I really hope those hags got thrown out of that club so hard.

If calling someone a homophobic slur and getting physical isn't enough for security or even said police to do anything, then there's no justice.

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The T doesn't belong in LGB. This is really, really homophobic, as awful as men claiming to be lesbians and then getting angry when actual lesbians pass on them.

It makes me sick.

It's conversion therapy.

You cannot force someone to like genitals they're not attracted too!

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I am trying very hard to be feminist and never use bitch or cunt for women. But they are making it really fucking hard.

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Greatest punishment is to completely ignore them. Even better demonstrate your love for penis in front of them without giving them a single glance.

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Just call her an insult you would use for any man. Asshole, fucker, shithead, etc. Easy.

(Not to respect her "identity" of course. Just to not perpetuate misogynistic slurs.)

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Nah, it'd give them gender euphoria 🤢

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Remember, gay men, lesbians and bisexuals are not allowed to criticise these people.

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Only a narcissist would go into a space they’re not welcome in, use slurs, and resort to violence when they’re told to leave.

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This is totally what a gay men looks like, this is not a homophobic women trying to appropriate gay men's spaces and identity, not at all! can people be so dumb?

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She's so arrogant looking..

You know your insult is weak when everyone who reads it has to puzzle out what you're actually talking about because the Aydens/Trans messed up anatomical language so much with the front hole/back hole thing.

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Lmao I know. I was like, estrogen for your atrophying "front hole"?

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what does "take your hole pills" mean? The whole truvada/prep HIV thing? someone else did a video on her as she was yelling and assaulting people as she was being kicked out of the club. apparently, her "friend" betrayed her and told the "famous" tik toker that she constantly goes into gay male spaces and instigates fights with them, looking for fights and then blames it on trasnphobia. This wasnt an accident and her friend admitted this happened multiple times.

And the only reason her friend betrayed her is because she constantly pushed the whole "youre trans" crap on her and that was her breaking point, not the assaulting gay teens part.

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Imagine being that obnoxious, even as a teen. Is she doing it for internet cred?

At least the club was kicking her out. Silver linings and all that.

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someone else did a video on her as she was yelling and assaulting people as she was being kicked out of the club

Link please?

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Can't view the twitt but already seen the video. Thank you.

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She's most likely referencing PrEP.

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It's funny how the second you disagree with them or tell them to fuck off, they immediately go to the homophobia and reveal they know very well that theyre not gay. They playfully call themselves "f*G" because never, in their life have they ever experienced homophobia. They will still never experience it because if it gets too rough, their costume will come off.

And the psychotic amounts of hatred they spew with HIV/AIDS. Go on twitter and watch their insults to actual gay kids: "butt boy, F*G..." it just goes on and on.

It's like the straight men who immediately turn to rape threats the second you piss them off. And what's funny about these transbians is, gays and lesbians argue all the time. Lesbians dont have a genuine, hidden, deep homophobia within them for gay men. Even the worst of the worst just end up saying shit like: "you gays just party and squander resources" or garbage like that. But the second a transbian is inconvenienced by a gay guy, it immediately goes to psychotic levels of the natural homophobia they have as straight men.

Theyre not hiding anything from anyone.

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"Gay" transmen are quick to use the f slur. Many of them viewing AIDS as being an integral part of the gay male "identity". There have even been a few trans identified female bug chasers documented. Nothing more validating than getting HIV to some of these loons.

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Do you have a link?

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yeah. hold on. and how did you even find this without the link that i went to?

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It cropped up on Twitter

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He's gender critical, lesbian friendly and i think is "on the pulse" of whatever batshit crazy trans stuff there is. I noticed him because there are a bunch of transexual twitter accounts called "GenderCritical Homophobia, GenderCritical Biphobia, GenderCritical Racism to try and collect as many tweets as possible showing how gender critical views are not in the interest of gays, lesbians or bisexuals because theyre inherently homophobic and he constantly exposes their hypocrisy and humiliates them so theyre obsessed with him. He has an audience, they dont so they're like flies.

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Yeah he's quite good. They hate him with uncontainable rage.

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did you know about him before i mentioned him? I just recently found out about him only through following these transexual twitter accounts (just to see what their talking points are)

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Yes I recently followed him but I hadn't seen that post.

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Someone needs to tell these Miley cirus/PinK looking weirdos to stay out of the men's restrooms and leave people alone already.

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Lol she does look like Miley.

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Someone did.

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Inb4 feminist apologists say how she is a victim of the patriarchy and hence her sperging is a valid experience

I didn't have to look far enough

"hehe I automatically side with females hehe" just to let you know how some radfems don't even try to hide their homophobia

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I’m a feminist and I have no issues calling a spade: she’s an awful, homophobic person.

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Her timeline is interesting. She sounds like a kid who is weaning off trans ideology but isn't quite there yet and has gone a weird hybrid of femcel and radfem. She seems to recognise identity is bullshit but still has pronouns in bio and uses afab un-ironically. If she truly is 16 as stated hopefully she'll grow up bit soon.

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I'm so glad social media wasn't a thing when I was a teenager. Everything you do online gets archived somewhere and it never goes away.

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just to let you know how some radfems don't even try to hide their homophobia

No fucking way this person is a radfem, no way in hell. For one, they're are all against TRA shit, by principle.

You cannot be a radfem and support woke gender shit, because one thing is antithetic to the other.

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Funny how it doesn't take them long to sound like your average homophobic straight woman. Now let's think, why could that be.

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Reading some of the reviews from the trans cultist and they are laughable. Funny how this homophobe makes a dig at skinny white gay men yet that’s who Ezra is cosplaying. Link

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JFC it's like hearing hen's nights complaining about not being allowed to descend in screeching flocks on gay venues.

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Wow a club setting boundaries that would actually make me want to go visit.