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Think of how many gay men are straight up size queens. Having male genitals isn't even good enough they have to be a certain size. That's why these dysphoric women are so laughable when they say they have a gays man brains. They clearly do not think like or even understand gay men.

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The other one that gets me is they say stuff like “do you do a genital inspection before you sleep with someone?????2??2?22??”

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I'm willing to bet that 95% of hookups that start through Grindr or Scruff involves the exchange of nudes. So yes...there is a genital inspection 😅

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They clearly know nothing about Planet Gay.

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Yeah, actually I do. I cant recall a single sexual experience where I honestly had no idea what my partner was equipped with. You may not call it "inspecting" (gross) but you are aware of your partner's anatomy.

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“do you do a genital inspection before you sleep with someone?????2??2?22??”

"You damn right I do" ! This is how you shut them up.

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Many of these women fail to understand the "enthusiastic" part of enthusiastic consent.

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That's because many women fail to understand how enthusiasm fits in the bedroom, unfortunately.

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Oh no, they don't fail to understand, they've elected to ignore it.

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It just doesn't make sense to me. When you're having sex both people are naked so there's no way for them to perform gender at that moment. So by trans logic the attraction should stop at that point.

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And even then, if I go to fuck some dude only to find he's a FtM, my first reaction would be to turn tail and bolt for two reasons: 1. I'm not straight and 2. She's an slimy creature who was trying to deceive me.

Simple as that.

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Just go to any gay imageboard and see how they treat FtMs there, just do it. They're so savage that some of the things they say there I can't even quote here.

The point is: TRAs are never going to gaslight them into believing gender bs, never.

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That's funny, and heartening to hear. I don't spend much time on gay image boards because I'm a lesbian woman, so thanks for reporting back, haha.

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I imagine the response is something like this

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I’m starting to think they really truly believe the rest of us are actually attracted to gender because they get aroused when they play dress up gender euphoria

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I’m starting to think they really truly believe the rest of us are actually attracted to gender because they get aroused when they play dress up gender euphoria

I've thought something along the same lines-- that the AGPs/AAPs mistake their gender-fetish for baseline human sexuality, and assume everyone else must share it. Because if that's not the case... then they're weirdos. Also, crucially, not the sex with which they "identify" (since, say, actual women aren't getting "gender euphoria" every time they put on their bra), a realization that would throw cold water on their fantasy.

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So are glory holes not a thing anymore ? Or do they assume if theirs a vagina poking through , it’s a mans vagina?

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They have to ask the vagina's prefered pronouns to know how it identifies itself.

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I read an interview with a gayden in London who said she’d present her booty in glory holes and get lots of dick that way. Who knows if it was just fantasy or not.

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If she's lying, she's a liar and if she's telling the truth, she's a rapist.

There's no win here... at least for her.

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I’d rather be a lair than a rapist, but you’re right. She gave off a really flippant attitude about tricking the guys.

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Trying to imagine a vagina poking through a glory hole, failing. Then again the idea of glory holes seems like some raunchy 70s shit that wasn't clearly explained to me in the Gay Handbook. Freaks with razors I would worry about. But that's why FtM Aydens will never get it- when we were a forbidden pariah class, gay men went to extraordinary, murderously risky lengths for sex. Not me even, at 52- I mean before my it's before my time. I can't imagine these sheltered white gurls calling themselves gay men on TikTok having 2 percent of the crazy horny adventurousness gay men had when they were outlaws. Just, no way.

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Lol it was explained to me too, but I Nereus saw one, except in 80’s porn. I imagine they are no longer necessary in the age of the internet. But I always wanted to ask the genitals don’t matter club, the ones that say your a genital fetishist if you focus on genitals, what about the history of the glory hole? If there was a penis on the left and a vagina on the right, the rest of the body obscured, the choice won’t matter because they are both men’s genitalia?

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Can this sleepy lesbian have an explanation of the "gay male amateur porn subreddits" part of this post?

I am someone who has obviously not spent time browsing them, lol.

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A lot of subreddits where men submit nude photos of themselves are just photos of penis and testicles. Maybe a little thigh or stomach to help take up space, but mostly genitals.

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oooh, got it, thank you!

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NSFW, obviously

For my age range:

More generally:

And there are many, many more.

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Wow, that first one: some of those men are way, way too big.

(Those guys are hot btw. I hope they are single, and don't have a partner, of either sex. It would be hurtful to find out your S.O is doing this.)

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Holy bull Batman

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I think all of us have our sexual fantasies and they definitely include a specific type of genitalia we find attractive.

Both women and men often feel a certain type of way about their own genitalia, and wonder if their genitalia is attractive enough for their potential partners. Does size matter is one of the biggest concerns and questions with men, for example.

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Honestly as a female I was always curious about what other women looked like, to see if I was "weird" down there.

It's sad how much body shaming happens to both women and men.