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I got banned from the only reddit sub I was active on, for my favorite game series. I had been heavily active on that sub for about 5 years, post every day, constantly chatting with other members...and I was immediately banned by the mod for stating that LGB Alliance is a legal charity that focuses on the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals. Apparently they disagree with factual evidence and because THEY hate the group, it's an official 'hate group' and I'm 'transphobic' for daring to be honest about it.

Part of me is bummed, because I love that community dammit, and I hate that this asshole gets to do whatever the fuck he wants and reddit doesn't give a shit...but on the other hand, this was all I needed to STOP wasting time on reddit.

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I'm sorry you lost the community, I know there's a pang of hurt there :(

I stepped back from my favorite game sub because there was a group of elitists who were constantly dictating how other users should play "better", and it changed the way everyone interacted in the sub. I was a regular there along with many others, but the sub stopped being a helpful resource and friendly, and started becoming "guidelines" that the elite group influenced while chastising others for not following.

I was bummed too, it was sad to walk away and know those assholes were changing everything and I couldn't help anyone else who came after me. But I'm glad I did. At the end of that day, I need to be true to myself, and I can't help anyone else until I am.

Game lesson, and life lesson.

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What is it with Reddit subs being cancerous?

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Oh, damn; I'm really sorry you got banned from a sub you been a part of for so long. And probably the worst time for it too.. Reddit shithead mods are increasingly power tripping and deranged. I mean, at least you see a silver lining in all this. But it's not easy, nonetheless.

I occasionally go on Reddit for all manner of niche interests, but I no longer trust the admin there enough to get in deep with a social circle ever again. They remove subs that are not woke enough and they appoint narcissistic mods with obvious objectivity handicaps to hold total sway over the countless smaller subreddits. And how can that possible go wrong? /s

Anyway- Lemme pour one out for your lost community there; RIP...

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I posted a comment on r/tumblrinaction on my second account. Instantly got a message saying that I was banned from r/offmychest. No big deal, fuck that sub anyway. I avoid subreddits like that. I did almost get my entire account banned because I made a joke on r/4chan, and I got a warning. I still have that account, but if it gets deleted, that’s it. Because Reddit is demanding email addresses for new accounts and I cannot be arsed to deal with that.

I did get banned from several different subs on my first account. Obviously, because I posted on TiA on my old account as well, I was banned from OMC. I was also banned from r/LGBT and r/ainbow, for obvious reasons, though I was very happy with it. I was banned from r/drama and another sub that I can’t remember because I was posting on Cringe Anarchy right up until it was banned. And then Reddit banned the subs I was active on: Cringe Anarchy, Smuggies, Right Wing LGBT and LGBDropTheT. Yeah, Reddit is fucked.

I want more people to come on Saidit, but the problem is, most people are addicted to Reddit and other Silicon Valley sites. They don’t want to move. Most YouTubers I follow didn’t move to BitChute or Odysee until YouTube attacked their accounts. And even then, a lot of people still think that there’s only YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, so if you get banned they’ll just assume that you’ve died even though you’ve told them you’re on alternative platforms. In a way, I hope these sites become more censorious and draconian so that people will be forced to migrate over to the new platforms.

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Does being banned for saying a bi woman would inevitably leave her girlfriend for a man count? I think that we lesbians are reprimanded as much or more for "biphobia" as/than "transphobia". And the anti-goldstar women took over long before TRAs did. But there is nowhere to call out lesbophobic bi women besides on The L Chat. 🥲

I almost exclusively date febfems, btw. A bi woman's love is so amazing. 😍 my bi ex still tells me good morning and she loves me... we broke up in 2019 lol

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Was this directed towards a specific bi woman or just that you believe all bi women will leave women they are with for men?

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Does it matter? Are you engaging her personally, or are you opening a discussion about the subject(s)?

What do you want to make known, about either scenario? Don't beat around the bush and ask another user for permission to express yourself. Just say what you want to say.

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I loathe how a lot of so called "lesbian" spaces have became anti-goldstar. I've seen the anti-goldstar rhetoric on Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit (no surprises here) So called LGBTQ+, LGBT and some LGB places have became that, which is why I don't associate myself with those places that claim to help us. Like why would they want others to go through what these so called "lesbians" have gone through. Although I will say the new lchat subjects with gold star, platinum star, and silver star became dumpster fires because of trolls saying silver stars are bisexual and trolls spewing out anti-goldstar rhetoric, almost like what TRA's and some heterosexual men say "how do you you're homosexual if you haven't tried it". I would love to see the reaction on some of their faces if you say "how do you know if you're a heterosexual man if you haven't tried it with another man?"