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That woman is the most repulsive and homophobic sociopath I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch.

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yeah she is a monster, and you don't see any other transgender people calling her out either, they never do. That why we have to stick together because transgender people seldom call out the pieces of shit on there side. I hope the girl that got bullied is gonna be okay, I tried to find her account, not sure if she deleted it.

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Every time we point out their homophobia, the trans community trips over themselves to say that no one is saying you can’t have a genital preference. Yet, every time someone is very plainly saying that, we get silence from the trans community. (Lord knows they don’t have trouble making themselves heard.)

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Lord knows they don’t have trouble making themselves heard.

Just repeating this for emphasis.

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What's even more weird is the deafening silence from other supposedly gay-friendly publications. People get dragged for far less. Some mom from Arkansas saying "I just don't agree with that lifestyle" will get more pushback than this grinning psychopath telling a lesbian to try a dick, and to PAY her for being told so.

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This woman is so horrible. How is this extreme homophobia even allowed? Surely it violates rules. This woman needs to be banned and probably reported to the police for harassment with a hate crime modifier.

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Wtf is "exposure therapy"??? Please don't tell me it's what I think it is... will she be shown nude men?

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Exposure therapy is being exposed to the object that induces disgust or fear. I believe the Mormon church (in their universities) practiced this form of exposure therapy with gay students (paired with electric shock "therapy") using hetero porn. :(

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I don't see how would that be effective, I'm a lesbian and I watch straight porn. I won't get anywhere near a penis irl.

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"Lesbian" porn is a complete joke.

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I like lesbian porn too you just have to find the good stuff.

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if you want the good stuff with lesbian porn search for amateur. Most semi professional stuff will possibly be a come on even if it's IS Beautifully done. I credit amateur lesbian with my awakening.

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I hope she's going to a real therapist who will talk her out of doing this horrible thing and help her deal with the situation she's been put in. I really hope she's not going to a gender ideologist therapist.

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Yes that would be an explicit reference to conversion therapy.

Rather than aversion therapy where she would be shocked for experiencing homosexual desire - she would instead be exposed to opposite sex people in increasing amounts in the hope that it would cure her homosexuality.

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This is basically old-school conversion therapy. A lot of people think it is just some preacher bellowing about God at you or, as one person I confronted on this very thing told me "a mean camp counselor." It's not. Gay/Lesbian history is basically a mystery to so many people. It has all been replaced by pretenders.

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I despise that woman and despise the fact we share the same race. And utter embarrassment to BW and how dare she use her race as a leverage to make hersf seem like a "good person". She literally emotionally abused a young lesbian into conversion therapy!!! I wish nothing but the worse for her. That poor young lesbian. She setting herself up for more mental health issues! I'm LIVID.

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If she was white, she’d find something else to use as leverage. She’s a fundamentally broken and cruel person who will use whatever she can to put herself over other people. (I’m sorry she has to drag other block women down while doing it though. Can’t imagine how maddening it must be for you.)

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    Using race constantly as a way to gain leverage in a discussion that has nothing to do with it is like crying wolf.

    Yeah, people can go ahead and do it over and over again, but they shouldn't be at all surprised when they have used up all their currency and have not a single shot of persuasive power when a discussion comes up that is super relevant to their race where their voice can actually make a difference in the outcome. No one will care at that point. This habit is a pre-emptive knee-capping of one's own power.

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    This is gonna make me cry :( we need to go show this woman support and love

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    Absolutely fucking evil. Pure venomous evil.

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    This is sick and evil.

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    This woman is absolutely disgusting. I don't have strong enough words for how enraged I am. This needs to stop, and now. She is a self-righteous, mentally ill monster.

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    What a piece of shit.

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    Hope that woman is enjoying her growing infamy.

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    Exposure therapy?

    Yeah, it's not at all meant for so-called transphobia of the kind they are referring to, which always requires you to view the genitals of and fuck whom you are "phobic" towards. A ridiculous "cure" that makes a mockery out of the real exposure therapies used for Agoraphobia and the like.