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We're the most active sub I follow, and many subs I'm in are totally dead due to lack of participation. But these are a handful of my favorites to peek in on outside of here:

s/drama (dead since SaidIt isn't really best for them, go offsite to instead)
s/SaidIt (to stay informed on the state of the site)
s/TumblrInAction (new sub, TiA is in their death throes on Reddit and is abandoning ship!)

Occasionally, I'll also just go browse s/all and sort by New, see what comes up and if there's any new subs or topics I may be interested in.

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I mostly just come here, but I joined s/TumblrInAction today since the Reddit version is about to be banned.

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Reddit is making this site pretty popular lol.

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Same ones from reddit that got banned, gc and gc guys. not as active here though.But i'm still on reddit.

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Only s/Bisexuals. We're accepted here but it's not a place I would expect to find a lot that I would want to participate in, given the right-wing leanings of much of it. That doesn't stop me from visiting regularly, though. It's easy enough to stop by, interact here, and then close the window when done. I don't need it to be a one-stop location for everything I care about, this one thing is plenty.

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TIL that I subscribe to 255 subs here. A small sampling of my favorites:

s/Introductions (tbh most of the posts are fake, but they're hilarious anyway)

Besides those, there's a lot of fringe stuff here that's fun to explore.

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Bet you have an older account that auto-subscribed to subs upon creation? Mine was that way originally too. They did eventually change that to make it opt-in instead, so at least new user accounts don't deal with that.

If anyone wants to check their own, go here:

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That is a good bet, but I'm actually just a glutton for information with a fear of missing out. I subscribe to everything unless it's boring or intolerably offensive.

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Haha, I totally understand FOMO. 255 subs though, holy crap!

Anything you would recommend as a side-interest or hobby that users may not even realize a sub exists for it yet?

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I'm finding this question surprisingly hard to answer, probably because most of my saidit subscriptions are motivated by curiosity rather than personal passion. Subs I've stumbled across like s/200acres, s/BPF, s/Hail_Mary, s/LeftHandPath, s/Prohibition and s/sacredgeometry, for example, I followed just because they provide a glimpse into rooms that are otherwise closed or invisible to me, not necessarily because their content is particularly resonant. I just like browsing unusual shit and saidit is good for that - even the dead subs often have interesting archives.

I would encourage everyone here to visit the s/DecentralizeAllThings wiki because as we all know from experience, it's vital to have backup plans in an age of top-down censorship. I'd also encourage this group to check out s/ShillWall, or at very least this excellent post because while saidit is the chillest forum I know of and most of the people here are friendly, there are agent provocateurs who are here to disrupt it, and I think it's important to be able to recognize their bag of tricks.

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I usually check Saidit maybe once a day, and only this sub. I'll probably join the TiA sub here and check on that, too, once TiA inevitably gets banned from Reddit - I'm surprised it managed to hold out as long as it did.

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