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Transbians are the biggest crybullies in existence.

Transbians: suck my dick

Lesbians: uh, no. I don’t like dick

Transbians: waxes on about how great their dicks are in every fucking post

Lesbians: omg, stop. We don’t like dick.

Transbians: let me give you extensive details about my dick.

Lesbians: shut the fuck up. Dicks are disgusting and we don’t like them.

Transbians: I’m so put upon because the lesbians shame me for having a dick.

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Lesbian: I love women!

Transbian: Have you had girldick? I mean estrogen completely changes it~ it doesn't get hard, it shrinks down, oh and it doesn't really function! The mouth feel is completely different! ;) It's nothing like a cis-man's ;))) it's totally feminine~! so it would 100% still be gay sex with a beautiful trans lesbian like myself. Btw what's every ladies opinion on dating trans women here? I just want to know so I'm not with a bunch of transphobes hehe.

Lesbian: That's disgusting

Transbian: Oh My God I'm having a panic attack! why are lesbians so hateful!!!??? Do yOU kNoW how hard it is being trans?! I live in FEAR everyday of my life! If you were here in front of me I would've punched you in jaw cisbian!

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I maintain the “it’s a dick but it’s flaccid and nonfunctional” is the weirdest flex. Imagine if someone offered you an Audi and you replied, “No thanks. I only drive Japanese-made.” And then they respond, “Well how about this Yugo instead?” In what world does anyone want the shittiest possible version of a thing they don’t like?

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Its like a refrigerator that keeps things warm

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It's weird how trans people believe this is an 'own' when they basically say "actually, it's worse than you think."

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I remember a trans lesbian describing their girldick as "non threatening," or "not intimidating," something like that lol.

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Octogenarian men are secretly gigachads per the trans delusion

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We have such a great sense of humor on this sub, have you guys seen my captions on my posts lol

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we are called gay for a reason :D

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It's true. Go to the L Chat or s/Lesbians or the lesbian circle on Ovarit and you won't find any talk of dick repulsion, because you won't find any talk of dick at all. It's only when men force themselves into lesbian spaces that you see this kind of thing.

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If it makes you sad then get the fuck out of lesbian spaces. Simple solution.

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Every lesbian thread and group has trans ''women'' writing long essays about their girl dick and how lesbians should be accepting of it. Of course they're going to lash out, and rightfully so.

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If a lesbian tells me they think dicks are gross I don't freak the fuck out because I have one.

This will apply to all the TRAs and all modern 3rd+4th wave feminists. They have this problem of taking all statements as a moral judgement. they can't accept facts or opinions because they think everything is either an attack against them or a moral praise. They can't operate on the idea that sometimes things are neutral.

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This. Fucking this all the way.

They call them snowflakes for a reason and even that is a nice way of saying it.

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SJWs, and all of the other groups you mentioned, don't understand that multiple things can be true at the same time, in this case that someone can find you or a part of you unattractive while also not wanting to hurt you, and not thinking you're lesser for it. That yes it's not a good feeling to see people talking about how they are unattracted to a part of you, while at the same time they are free and have the right to feel that way.

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Thats a good point, made more interesting by the fact that their ideology is based on the idea that all possible interpretations are equally true and irrefutable…

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ViTrIoL aBoUt MuH pEnIs. 🥺

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Penises and vaginas are not disgusting until they’re shoved in your face. Sometimes not literally but the words said imply they want to shove it in your face.

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When a straight man says he hates vaginas that's just sus. But when a gay man says it? So fucking what, genitalia are gross on it's own, let alone the ones you're not attracted to.

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I've noticed that gay men are never called out for talking about vaginas as if they're deformities, even in published BOOKS, FFS, so why are women not attracted to penis-people expected to be more polite-?

(The book I am mainly thinking of is a disgusting pile of crap called Perv, by Jesse Bering. The author found it necessary to let us know multiple times just how hideous women's genitalia are to him, as if anyone asked for his opinion. The book is no more science than is Morris' The Naked Ape-which I realized was shit when I read it as a 12 year old-but at least the Morris book is a fun read and written reasonably well, while the Bering book's prose is completely wooden. )