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Gender refers to the “socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women”. Therefore, gender is about how we are expected to present and behave, based on society’s beliefs about what is proper for our sex.

Stereotype: an overly simple and usually negative/limiting picture or opinion of a person, group or thing.

Corporate needs you to find the difference

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Blue is for boys, pink is for girls, but make it woke.

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Is what Rowling meant by "sexist ideas now somehow touted as progressive"?

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Gay people are not mainly attracted to the same-sex, we are only attracted to the same-sex. They were willing to say heterosexuals are only attracted to the opposite sex (in their term gender) but not gays or lesbians. Saying we are mainly attracted to the same-sex implies we are open to the opposite sex. This is why allowing shit like "sexuality is fluid" (woke way of saying "it's a phase"), hearts not parts uwu, nonbinary, queers, and the trans community was a mistake for the gay community.

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So they admit that their gender identities have absolutely nothing to do with them and everything to do with trying to fit into their culture by saying that gender is how everyone else expects you to act?

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That's quite worrying. What are the opt out options for RSE?

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I'm angry beyond belief seeing how hard they try to slip their crude ideas by the adults and directly misinform and gaslight the next generation. But what I want to point out specifically is their blatant homophobia when it comes to their differentiation between homo- and heterosexuality. They could try to be consistent and also define heterosexuality as "MAINLY attracted to a different gender than your own", but they chose not to. I mean, it's still the wrong definition either way because there's only one opposite gender. But my point is, they didn't even bother and try to portray hetero- and homosexuality equally. No. Only heterosexuality has clear rules as it strictly excludes the "same gender". Homosexuality on the other hand is something where you can pick and choose; something unfathomable without meaning. No gender is off limits for those crazy homos. It's so fucking clear to me that non of these people who write these things are actually homosexual.

I wish - I really really wish - that far right groups realize how close their and the TRA's rigid guidebook to sexuality and gender roles actually are, how their views of homosexuality align. Namely, that it doesn't really exist. And I wish they would start to openly endorse trans activism. Just like islamists do in Iran for example. Just to finally show the mainstream what they're supporting when they shout "TWAW": a classic conservative, homophobic and misogynistic world view.

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This must be why it's disproportionately effecting girls. Boys never actually read the textbooks.

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Looks like RSE = relationships and sexuality education; what does HSE stand for?

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The Health Service Executive.

It's the healthcare system in Ireland.

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