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It's almost as though being a lesbian has nothing to do with being masculine or feminine and entirely to do with a woman being attracted to women and not men

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Yep, 100%. No one is attracted to someone's gender identity or pronouns.

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I'm still confused why non-binary is included in lesbian under the gender based attraction model they use. If it's a non-binary person with a woman wouldn't that be a straight relationship since they are different genders?

It's super obvious why a lesbian might be into a female non-binary person and not into a male non-binary person when you recognize that sex is the basis for sexual orientation, but they refuse to recognize that. And then their own gender based model of sexual orientation makes absolutely 0 fucking sense.

None of this makes any sense and I'm tired of it.

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Lesbian is "non-man" interested in "non-men" now. Which isn't offensive at all. Just like only referring to African-American people as "non-white people" isn't offensive. /s

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I glad you commented that example, my God, I've been trying to figure out a way to explain why I don't like the whole "no-man" bs.

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Given that non-binary is imaginary bullshit, there's no confusion really. If the non-binary terribly special person uwu is observed female at birth (OFAB) and attracted exclusively to other OFABS than xe is a lesbian. If neither of those requirements apply, xe is shit out of lesbian.

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On the one hand, I'm glad that nb lesbians aren't completely shutting themselves out of the lesbian community; this will help them grow out of their pointless TRA-mogai-queer shit beliefs in the long run. The majority of nb lesbians will eventually grow out of it; most of them are still in the baby-gay or awkward phase of coming out, and are probably feeling vulnerable; there is safety in ambiguity.

On the other hand I want to tell them to get out, if you reject your womanhood you don’t belong in a community for women. That their gender is an oxymoron and a waste of time; you can be a lesbian and a woman, or a masculine woman, and you're still a woman. They enabled men in dresses in openly perving on lesbians and taking over our spaces. The gay community has been damaged by nonbinary identities, the nb community is actively trying to make gay, lesbian, and bi identities meaningless.

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I just want them to fuck off. They're denying being women and then demanding that lesbians fling the doors wide open not just for them, but for all manner of perverted men. They make it even easier for men to harass lesbians because now all the men have to do is say they are non-binary and then are free to start demanding sex from lesbians.

Non-binaries need to just fuck off entirely. What a stupid fucking fad.

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You, my dear, have hit the nail squarely on the head.

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Lesbian is another totem of oppression idolatry to them. Doesn't matter if the combination makes sense or not. They just want to collect all of the totems for more clout.

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This whole "amab" "afab" thing is so ridiculous. Like, these people abolished gender within their little communities and then quickly realized it made it confusing and impossible to understand anyone's identity, and that people had very different experiences and perspectives based on which sex they are, and so they had to reinvent the concept. If these people really believe that sex is arbitrary and all that matters is your current identity, why discuss sex "assigned" at birth at all?

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Amab and afab are terms created for intersex people with ambiguous sex characteristics. Of course the TRAs had to appropriate the legitimate medical terms for their own self-ID in order to try and validate their ideology.

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Ugh! What makes sex and race and sexual orientation important categories to protect against discrimination is that people didn't choose and can't change their sex or race. Women can't just "take off" being a woman and "solve" sexism. Having lived sex or race from birth and being unable to separate from those things are what makes those things those things! It's impossible to understand those things and those perspectives if you aren't those things--growing up as a woman is fundamental to being a woman and shapes who they are as people for example. Anything else is mimicry at best.

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"Say a masculine woman is a lesbian and no one bats an eye. Say a masculine man is a lesbian and society goes WILD."

Doesn't that sound ridiculous? 🤡😭🙄

The internet is not society, it is a part of society/the larger culture and also it's own awful unique subculture. Get off the internet, toss your phone for a few days, and go touch grass. That would solve so many of these peoples issues 🤦🏾‍♀️

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Gender ideology for you folks, no red line, no rules, anything goes.

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Just proved you still see non-binary people as their agab

Yeah what about it

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Is this supposed to be proof of heterosexual "AMAB" oppression?