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I hope not a single lesbian goes to this event and it's just a bunch of men sitting there angry that there's no women to harass.

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Seeing bisexuality, and bisexuals, being used as a cudgel against gay people is literally making me cry.

Wish I had a snarky comment here. But I feel like these fucking monsters won't stop until there's nothing left of us. ANY of us.

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Yeah, I'm tired of hearing queer bis say "everyone is bi uwu," because they're just spreading the myth that gays and lesbians choose to be gay, because if we're attracted to the opposite sex, then we're choosing to be in gay relationships. Especially when it comes to celebrities with a lot of clout. They are also the ones who say that "sexuality is fluid" and that gay people can change and become heterosexual, or who tell gay people to stop calling themselves gay or lesbian. When I've seen bi women (I'm not interested in the male GB side) call out queer bi people for homophobia, they get dragged and called "pick-mes" for those evil lesbians.

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It's funny cuz my mom is a conservative homophobe and according to her there's gay people that are able to be in straight relationships (what normal people would call bi) and then there's gay people who are truly sick and incapable of being in a straight relationship. Horseshoe theory strikes again

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When I clicked that picture i didn't realize at first that the guy was supposed to be the "lesbian" in question... Lol... Literally just looks like an x surfer dude who was just lucky enough to keep nice hair into his old age.

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Uuuuuuuugh. This is a disgrace. He should speak at an AGP conference instead.

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He looks like a mixture of Bon Jovi and the scientist from Back to the Future.

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Oh God, I have a personal grudge against Bon Jovi. The keyboardist has a trans "son" named Arty (so, daughter but had been on testosterone since the age of 14 and was 17 when we met and looked like any other short, weedy, pubey-lookin'-mustached teenage boy but with dyed hair) who has some mental issues including some kind of personality disorder and went to a summer camp for kids with mental disorders (I have severe ADHD and an anxiety disorder) and ended up in my group for a camping trip and got mad at me for having a North Carolinian accent even though the camp was in goddamn North Carolina. He got kicked out of the camp for trying to hit me with a stick (note: I was a 14-year-old girl who thought he was the absolute shit because too much Tumblr and "Whoa, yer dad's a real rock star! Cool!" and "wow, a real transgender person in real life" (I was sheltered, a tumblr kid, and also cringe as hell, alright?) and Arty was, as I said, 17 with not much less strength than a biological male that age. He was irritated because I kept trying to talk to him and had an accent that he found upsetting because hillbillies or somethin' like that. I got away by scampering up onto a boulder and yelling for the counselors.) It's a wild story and I sure wish I was making it up. I know looks so dumb that it might as well be Saidit copypasta like IkeConn's descriptions of how attractive he claims to have been in college that he smatters around other subsaidits, but I swear it's all true, every word.

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pubey-lookin'-mustached teenage boy

Lol I always cal these “wostaches”, because they are the kind of little wispy mustaches that women can grow. I remember being at that age and thinking how bad they looked on the boys in my classes.

That bratty violent Bon Jovi girl was probably raised by a slew of nannies. I am from the mid-Atlantic and I’ve always found N. Carolina accents to be very pleasant!

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Bon Jovi sucks.

\M/ Slayer!!

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Trent Crimm, Independent

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Literally scanned the University of Cork, as University of Cock.

At what point does real life stop resembling a South Park skit?

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All hail Stephen, King of the Lesbians.