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I don't know about y'all but my testosterone count is just right there in any dating profiles I use.


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I go a step further and just link my period tracker so I match with ladies who's cycles are synced with mine. 💁🏾‍♀️🌒🌙

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They need to learn that a dick and a vagina are, and always will be, two completely different things.

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How in the good goddamn are hormones gonna transform a penis into "looking, smelling, tasting and responding" like a vagina and vice versa. When is society going to stop kowtowing to these deranged lunatics with the scientific literacy of a medieval toddler?!

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the scientific literacy of a medieval toddler

I'm using this, called it.

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A penis isn't going to magically smell like a vagina just because you pumped yourself full of estrogen. They are completely different organs. Hormones do play a role in the smell, but the entire smell is not made by hormones. Never heard anyone talk about the PH balance of a dick for example. PH balance affects the smell a lot.

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This is just really strange logic. Imagine injecting meat with chlorophyll or something like that, and then telling a vegetarian that this meat now tastes, acts, and smells like a plant. Then pressuring them to eat that meat. That would be super offensive and downright immoral. Why is this not seen as super offensive and immoral?

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There's no need for hormones. My penis is taking acting lessons because it's tired of being typecast as a dick.

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And this hormone experiment is going to end badly. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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Play stupid games, force your stupid prizes on other people.

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And now for the gory details

A penis with no testosterone and estrogen stops looking, feeling, tasting, smelling and acting like-

ok imma just stop there 🤮

And yes, the women I've slept with who like girls can confirm that it might as well be a vulva. One of them prefers it to an actual vagina because she says it smells better.

And then everyone in the room clapped?

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The penis and vagina may change in all those way, but they do not change in form. Plato strikes again. If it’s all about hormones, what gender are athletes that take steroids?

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Non-binary ofc!