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Hitler didn’t like a certain type of people and look where that ended him. Just saying

This made me burst out laughing, it was so out of left field. Are the owners of LGBDropTheT going to commit suicide via cyanide? Is that the implication?

Really a shame about Snappy. I liked not giving the backwards articles featured here any more traction. I'm tempted at times to archive posts for others but I don't know if that'd be obnoxious.

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i guess our plan to invade Europe will have to be scrapped

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Feel free to archive and share! I know another user does it sometimes too, and it's helpful for people who don't want to give clicks to certain sites.

I archive pretty much everything I come across, I usually only share the link for sites like PinkNews or whatever though.

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So many eloquent arguments! Maybe we should reconsider guys...

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What the fuck is that one with Stitch? I've had the misfortune of running across erotic fanfictions of characters from a cartoon about space aliens, and those were still less degenerate than that.

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Right?!?! I wish I could explain it, but I don't even want to try.

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All those images/memes gave me second hand embarrassment for the people that posted them.

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I'm still triggered by the Zombie Land/Lily image. That was primarily what was spammed in our sub during our Great BrigadeTM, and before we started using a bot to auto-remove.

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This one needs more background. His post was removed from the sub because it was too focused on him as a straight ally (rule 3, no validation posts). He then followed one of our mods to an entirely different sub and said this: After that, we banned him, and this was his reaction:

What a precious virtue-signaling snowflake. Bet he complains about "the woke libs" yet exudes every shallow characteristic about the worst of them he purports to hate. Such as being an "ally" who long enjoys the social fruits of a minority community only to later use his experience with it as a tool to hate on a group (in his case on Trans people) and feel entitled to it due to how long he's been around as an "ally".

And if you're not bowing down in gratitude and giving them your own platforms to reap the good feels of their amazing conditional allyship they go nuclear with a bigoted explosion like this that exposes the crappy person underneath.

It's like, "If these sexual deviants are not patting my back for my altruism then why am I even wasting my valuable time doing this? F*** these ungrateful degenerate scum. -insert a bunch of capitalized homophobic slurs here and promises of future medical genocide-" Cute.

All this vitriol from one removed post smh. This disgust and distain for the lgb must have been building for decades. This person is almost a senior. Imagine getting to that age and still being such a immature child online. Wishing death and AIDS on gays like some cringy teenage edgelord. How embarrassing- but also scary. Because his demographic can also vote as well as dominate the highest levels of government.

Anyway, I'll bet that little vaccination jab came back to haunt him, though lol💉

Can't wait to see t****y's taking over EVERY women's sport.

"I support WOMEN"- yeah right.

"I mean, only if every single woman does what I want!"

This is the worst thing I've seen today...

Stitch as an obese female, waving rainbow/trans flags:

Nvm. Jeez...

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The memes... they smell... familiar...

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