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yep, now the creepy straight girls lusting after gay men have access to our spaces and the creepy straight men with autogeniphilia have access to lesbian spaces. Now we are told that gay men can like vagina and lesbians can like penis, LGB drop the T

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This is just copium. She knows fetishizing gay men makes her gross. So it's such a level up to suddenly claim victimhood via proclaiming yourself as trans - the "most" opressed minority ever. From a gross oppressive cishet to the severely opressed trans gay.

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    Eh, arguably it's gross only if she lets it slip into real life, as long as nobody has to know about it she can think about men blowing eachother as much as she damn well pleases, just keep people who don't wanna hear about random women's sexual fantasies the hell out of it . One can wank off to drawings of anime boys sucking dick all one pleases and the big thing that makes it gross rather than just strange and losery is if it crosses into real life and starts impacting interactions with normal people (Normal here referring to people who don't wank to tumblr sexyman anime porn and then talk about it with other anime porn enthusiasts. Science nerds like me may be "weird" to some but we don't wanna hear about that shit either.). So, in going from "oddball that talks about how hot the sexy anime men in pornographic drawings are with other horny young women" to "fake dude that harasses gay men", this TikTok turdburger made herself gross.

    Otherwise, you're 100% on point and I have nothing to say save for that you know well of who we face and how they think, perhaps more, even than many of them consciously know those thoughts themselves.

    [edited and reposted for having momentarily forgotten the importance of the Pyramid of the Debate and insulted the TikTok twit in the first edition]

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    No, I see your point. With trans status she made it now somehow more acceptable for her to be so fetishizing towards gay men. Trans status not only helps her to supress the fact she's gross but also validates her fetish. But what you describe is true. It's when you let loose your fetish and work so hard to validate it.

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    There's a face only a fast-moving palm could love. And LPT: absolutely no actual gay man refers to themselves as 'mlm'.

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    Answer: because you are the one who would tell you that and you weren't there to tell you that you are a thing that you imagine yourself to be.

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    Naw, you got it right the first time with Fujoshi. But you just had to cross the Rubicon into transland..

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    Its crazy that a straight girl can identify as gay anytime she wants and invade our spaces, this is why I vote for the conservative political parties now

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    Lol there are lots of comments in the Gayden subreddits about how they thought there were just fujoshis before realizing they were "gay men". and