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You think that’s bad? My son’s middle school also has a GSA, re-named “gender and sexuality association”. These are children aged 11-13! It’s sickening. I’m so terrified he’ll get lured into this (we’re in California), that I’m starting to give him the talk about the TRA agenda now, something I never thought I’d have to do.

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What is that talk like? I think middle school is about the time when kids do start to think about sexuality.

I know in 7th grade i suddenly realized that the 1 kid who stayed back 2 grades made me feel really confused when we got to gym class showers. He had kind of hit puberty while everyone else was in the waiting room for their new muscle tone and actual dick... And I was like O_O

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I have to more or less wing it because there are no guidelines for this kind of Talk (paging LGB Alliance!). Which sucks because I don’t want my son to think LGB includes T, unless it’s about actual gay/bi trans people, but we haven’t got that far yet. Anyway, I keep reiterating that nothing’s wrong with being gay or bi, but that a man can’t turn into a woman just by taking hormones, and vice versa.

The thing is, I have no idea whether he’ll end up gay, bi, or straight. So, I don’t want him to equate gay or bi with “wrong”, and end up traumatized if he does end up gay or bi. But, at the same time I don’t want him sucked into the TRA/SJW/Genderspecial whirlpool, which is particularly horrible in “woke” states like California. I often just don’t know what to do.

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Sounds like you're doing the best you can in a difficult situation. I appreciate you trying, even if it might not feel like you have the perfect words for it all some days. I wish I'd had a parent take a similar approach with me when I was a kid.

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we’re in California

Why do you inflict this on your family?

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No choice at the moment. I have to care for an elderly parent and am really too old myself to move someplace else and start over. All this “woke” nonsense descended upon us only recently too, and we were quite immune from it because this is a relatively conservative part of the state.

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The closest thing my college has to a gay club is full of 80% women who identify as something other than a woman and a few men who identify as something other than a man. There are no homosexuals or bisexuals in the club who identify as such, only gays pretending to be straight, straights pretending to be gay, and bisexuals naming themselves after kitchenware

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bisexuals naming themselves after kitchenware

Ha! Lord, I hate that bastardized word "pansexual" so fucking much... what does it even mean? Honestly sounds like some beyond-depraved sex fiend who'll fuck ANYTHING, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral ("pan" = "all"). But I guess that it's intended to convey being attracted to "all genders". Which is of course stupid as hell (since: 1. no one is attracted to "gender" in the first place; and 2. there's a new one being dreamed up every other second and you're somehow instantly attracted to it??? HOW???), but maybe useful in identifying who to stay the fuck away from. I only hope that it's changed to "pangenderal" sometime soon, so nobody connects it with bisexuals (or at least the sane among us) ever again.

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This is why I believe in cotton ceiling laws. Yes like the ones president Trump tried to usher into laws with regards to women's sport. Cotton ceiling laws would dictate that lgbi areas are just for biological lesbian, gay, bi and intersex individuals, women's spaces(sport, health care, and bathrooms are just for biological females.) And dating apps for biological lesbian, gay, bi, intersex and heterosexuals stay just for bios. Anyone identifying as transgender is forced to leave. Any clubs opened must remain for the biological gender they opened for and the laws allow for us to discriminate against them.

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Lmaoo I can just imagine the pearl-clutching screams and Jim Crow equivocating now


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Lol yup. Nope we're not but I as a woman went through a horrific period of gender based medical discrimination the kind the live action role players never see anymore. So if we had cotton ceiling laws let them clutch pearls let them threaten suicide we just offer to alert the family and roll them into a hospice suite.

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Trump existing crossed everyone's mental wiring. Obama made some absolutely ridiculous policy changes to claim title IX also protected gender in addition to sex. Trump's team just came back in and rolled back those executive orders and pointed out the law indicates that title IX is specifically for sex category protection.

Facebook activists lost their God damn minds over that. The woke news sites were putting up headlines like "Trump legislates transgender people out of existence."

No one cared that it was just a roll back of an Obama executive overreach because it came from Trump but Trump likely had no clue what it was either.

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But it was still powerful. Biological genders should have their spaces protected whether it's social or otherwise. You can't begin to imagine or maybe you can what it's like to have your health care hijacked because a freak threw it's toys out of the pram

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That's fucked up. But unfortunately I'm not surprised. Must feel painful to see that change over time, I'm sorry dude. I was too young to enjoy it back when things were better, so it's probably easier for me to say, but: I swear, things will get better. They might get worse first, though, lol.

It's funny, I hung around a lot of LGBTQ+-identifying people in college who were knee deep in gender identity ideology, and even they thought the college's official LGBTQ+ group was a bunch of weirdos. Makes me wonder what the hell was going on over there. Glad I was blissfully unaware at the time.

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