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Drop in reference to gay men dating trans men, doesn't that seem a little bit strange to anyone? Aim for making them think rather than starting a row. Or don't, accept that you (internally) agree to disagree and you have more in common with these friends than not

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IMO when it comes to friends it’s easier to stick to less controversial topics:

-trans women don’t belong in womens sports

-queer is a slur for a lot of people and it’s offensive when it’s used as an umbrella term

-non-binary is more of a fashion statement than anything real

-transing children is based on sexist stereotypes and medicalizing trans children is causing irreparable harm to many children who would otherwise grow up LGB or GNC

^ I think all of the above can and should be argued without rocking the boat too much. No one will want to be your friend if you’re an extremist, keep it to the arguments that support your views but aren’t too extreme and you should be ok.

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I try to avoid topics like this because politics is a great way to lose friends and I'm probably not going to change their mind if they are that deep in it. I just hope one day everyone gets over this junk.