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Similarly, 50% of trans-inclusive straight men and 69% of trans-inclusive lesbians said they’d date a trans man, even though both groups are presumably only attracted to women.

There's a reason for that, you know.

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It’s almost like sexual attraction is sex-based…

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Willfully ignoring the obvious.

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Pssh! Can't mention the truth! The truth is transphobic.

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Reality is transphobic

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It's even more funny if you quote more.

Surprisingly, among the 127 participants open to dating a trans person, almost half selected a trans person of a gender incongruent with their stated sexual orientation. For example, 50% of the trans-inclusive straight women and 28% of the trans-inclusive gay men were willing to date a trans woman, even though one wouldn’t expect either straight women or gay men to be attracted to women.

They say "surprisingly" as if same sex attraction is supposed to blow your mind as the reader.

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This needs to get reinforced to young people considering transition. If you transition, your dating pool is going to be close to zero. This is on top of having reduced or no sexual function, stunted physical development and stunted mental development. The lifelong negative impact of transitioning is very real and continuously glossed over by TRAs.

The high rates of trans exclusion from potential dating pools are undoubtedly due in part to cisnormativity, cissexism, and transphobia — all of which lead to lack of knowledge about transgender people and their bodies, discomfort with these unknowns, and fear of being discriminated against by proxy of one’s romantic partner. It is also possible that at least some of the trans exclusion is due to the fact that for some people, sexual orientation might be not (just) about a partner’s gender identity, but attraction to specific body types and/or judgment of reproductive capabilities.

The lack of a dating pool isn’t “transphobia”, a lack of education, or a fetish for a certain set of genitals, it’s normal ingrained human sexuality.

Uwu! 💕💕💕

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This is some "sky is blue, water is wet" type stuff. What did they think they were going to end up with ? Loads and loads of straight people voraciously looking for T's ? Come on. A straight man who knows he is a straight man is not going to go for a guy in a dress. He isn't down for the girldick. Same goes for straight women. They want men with actual male parts. That is biology, millions of years of evolution and the T's expect people to disregard that b/c reasons.

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Their math seems a bit... off.

Of the seven participants who themselves identified as transgender or nonbinary, 89% were willing to date another trans person.

7 out of 7 is 100%

6 out of 7 is 85%

So how did they get 89% with 7 people?

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There may only have been 7 physical bodies but there were probably 50+ alters in those 7 bodies and each and every one of them filled in the survey.

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Either completely fake data or just amusing that they can't understand math.

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Assuming trans people & their enablers to be able do basic math is phobic & bigoted sweety. Check yourself. uwu

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If they were actually smart about it, they'd lie and pretend the vast majority of people would actually date trans people, in the hope of creating (or better: maintaining) the peer pressure on everyone to reexamine their "preferences".

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Nah, they're going to use this to reinforce their victim status so they can start to advocate for mandatory dating of trans people:

Romantic relationships are one of the most important sources of social support for adults. The fact that most cis people would not consider trans people as potential dating partners is yet another serious risk factor for increased psychological and physical health problems among the trans population.

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Mm I love to see it.

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I'm sorry, I'm not a native English speaker (I'm from Brazil). What does "dating" imply? Does it imply only a sexual relationship or an actual romantic relationship? The reason I stopped labeling myself "gay" is that I found I am attracted to passing trans-identified women and to non-passing trans-identified men (almost no men pass as women in my opinion). I would probably sleep with them If I was desperate, but I don't think I would live with them because of their sexist and homophobic ideology. I think I'm in a lonely position compared to other non-straight people and it's very scary because I don't know where this attraction comes from (I don't think I'm a fetishist). Sorry for the ramble lol

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Dating probably implies they are having some sex. Most people these days are more willing to have sex first then start "dating" then have sex later after going on some "dates".

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This was 2018, I wonder what a modern survey would show.

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This is the most recent study I could find with this large a group and that I didn't have to pay to view the article. If anyone knows of any that have been done recently, I'd love to see them.

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This one has been doing the rounds for a while. It made the papers because of it's "analysis".

Also bear in mind that this is dirty data, with the tiny number of L and G people in the sample, the T people may have significantly affected our rates of dating as measured.

Also note that this article positions sexual orientation as discriminatory repeatedly.

Also it seems surprised that some lesbians will date women, even if they identify as a trans man.

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