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selling nudes

Talk about a carbon copy.

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usually stink

... Do they not realize the smell is distinct as well?

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That is actually a surprisingly good transition though. Perhaps the beard and long hair cover up the tells.

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I've found, in pictures at least, it can be hard to spot FtMs when they grow facial and body hair. Testosterone can also add more "masculine" muscle and body mass, which also throws people. HOWEVER, in videos or real life, it's almost impossible for them to change the way they emote or the cadence of their voice (see Buck Angel), or how they walk. Also it's nearly impossible to fix that lack of brow ridge, womanly eye shape, and curve of their waist.

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Not really. You can see the hips, shoulders and the eyes. It's feminine. Their facial hair is supposed to cover it up, but once you know the tells it's easy to spot.

The facial hair is almost always wispy. Best scenario is they end up looking like a low testosterone man. One of those who never see daylight and never worked out once in their lives.

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