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Your friend isn’t asexual, her hormones are just out of sync because of the medication she’s on. She needs to talk to her doctor about the reduced libido.

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She claimed to be asexual once her libido disappeared from hormones she was taking? I believe even asexual community would point it out as a reason to be concerned not to claim a new label. She's bisexual, who just has no libido. Also you're perfectly fine with the points you made here. Ignoring the romantic and sexual attraction (in TQ+ lingo: split attraction model) but that's ridiculous to come out as asexual after hormones dropped your sex drive to zero. The TQ+ asexuals would even tell you how "libido (sex drive) =/= sexual attraction" so this woman is just so wrong and I don't even understand why she would swap labels (if she was straight I'd believe she'd do it to feel special). Maybe that's her way to protect herself from her boyfriend, who is definitely frustrated by the lack of sex?

And yes, romatic attraction is rooted in sexual attraction really. The phenomenon of crush (which asexual/aromantics consider being associated with romantic attraction) clearly evokes physical reactions... so how it's not related to sexual attraction? No one ever thought sexual attraction doesn't have to be the obvious "I wanna fuck them" rational, conscious thought and instead is a bit more complicated physiological reaction which makes you feel that you wanna be around the person you're attracted to? I only see a possibly that you may want to be with someone without sex if you just see that person as some really good friend, who you love hanging out with. But there is no romance here.