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I wonder if anyone else here loves tea? I drink a lot of it every day. I have whole leaf Assam black tea, quality English Breakfast, japanese greens and various chinese tea. Lately I've been enjoying Chinese black tea in a tiny 200ml glass tea pot where I can do multiple brews in a tiny teacup so that I can taste how the flavor changes. I like buying teaware in sets in case I ever find myself socializing again and could share a cup with a friend. How do you drink your tea?

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I'm pretty basic with my tea. Typhoo brand teabags, a splash of milk, and a couple spoons of sugar.

I'll drink other tea if I HAVE to, to be polite, lol. I'd rather switch to coffee if I cant have British tea though, really.

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I've tried typhoo when I was giving different British teas a try, but then I learned that America has it's own mix which isn't the same ie: not as strong. I did enjoy Taylor's of Harrogate, Twinnings and 'Extra Strong' P&G tips. All very good! I love it really strong to where the broth is no longer translucent.

Coffee is okay but I just have watery instant when I'm on the run haha.

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I love tea! Ceylon tea is the best, i.m.h.o. (but I’m biased😉). I also found a new chai tea at a local discount grocery that’s really good:

How do you take your tea? I need milk and sugar, but I used to take no sugar.

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I do want to get some choice tippy teas from Ceylon one of these days. I keep meaning to make my own spiced chai since I already have green cardamom and cinnamon sticks...

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Lately, as a challenge I've been trying to finish off the solo tea bags of many brands and mixes(except mint) that have accumulated over the years here. Making good progress so far.

But other than that, I mostly like steeping loose Oolong and pinches of some aged Pu'er cakes, the latter which I find to be more mellow and less astringent than other black teas.

There are many small clay teapots and cups here, but still I usually just steep and drink the tea in ordinary ceramic mugs. I'm considering collecting decorative bone china though, so perhaps I'll use tea sets more in the future.

I usually don't use milk/cream or sugar unless the tea is brewed to be very strong (HK style milk tea), which I rarely do at home.

I make Matcha sometimes and I like it too, but only if I'm in the mood for a more bitter drink.