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It benefits the TRAs to misrepresent the pushback against gender ideology as homophobia because a clear majority of people in the west now support the rights of LGB people. They've been at this a long time. In Australia they attempted to insert themselves into groups lobbying for legislation reform to remove sanctions against sex between men and discriminatory language and laws at both state and federal levels.

In the past the people who formed those groups understood the difference between sexuality and gender and pushed back, telling them to form their own groups and do their own lobbying instead of hitching a ride like parasites and trying to steer the agenda. Now of course the TRAs have successfully manipulated the situation to make anyone who resists their demands look like a bigot who doesn't just opposed "rans rights" but the rights of all "queer" people.

Their ability to manipulate and force people with doublespeak should never be underestimated.

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It's benefited the trans activists to bind all their talking points and propaganda with the movements of marginalized groups.

Feminism was morphed from a question about how gender is harmful to pushing that gender is the most essential part of an identity.

Gay rights became popular and then they morphed that into the poorly defined "LGBTQ" rights talking points which are basically anything which feeds their narcissism.

Somehow they even take over racial justice issues. BLM got converted to trans-BLM and that entire organization became an insane corrupt money laundering scheme.