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So my thoughts on this are: it's cool that GCs and LGBs will (hopefully) be able to call a man a man and a woman a woman on Twitter now without getting banned. But, when this whole Elon-Twitter deal thing first came up I was seeing a lot of right-wingers say they'd actually consider signing up for Twitter if Musk bought it. So I really have the feeling that while this might drive TRAs away, it's going to draw nutter butter Evangelicals, homophobic Trumpers, and actual neo-Nazis in. This really just might mean that Twitter's going to trade out the new woke liberal homophobia with the more traditional conservative homophobia. The "cis gays are evil and transphobic for not sleeping with me" tweets are probably just going to get replaced with the "gays are abominations who need to see the light of Jesus" tweets. So yeah... not exactly leaping for joy over this.

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I mean, there's a blazing supernova of Tweeters freely calling men men and women women right now with impunity but there's also a massive outpouring of race hate, the N word, "Sandn...s", white supremacy etc. I think it will ultimately lose most reasonable people because it'll be near impossible to avoid the raging crazies and have intelligent conversation and debate.

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Yes, the racism, etc. crowd apparently was looking forward to this. It hasn't crossed my feed (something to do with me not following such people), but I've seen numerous mentions of it. Fun.

Hopefully that will still be dealt with via moderation, which has not actually (yet) been abandoned. But I won't hold my breath.

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Yeah I was not enthused about this news when he started attempting to buy it. The current situation is one we pretty well have figured out and can navigate even with the disruptions Twitter gives TRAs the power to inflict.

So yes, it is not gonna be pretty in some ways, I suspect. Unfortunately. Musk is a loose cannon and full of himself and likes to put his dick in random places he isn't qualified to stick it, because he's a vainglorious narcissist.

There's currently debate going on in GC Twitter circles about whether or not to stay. Many of us will stay and see how it goes because it's a powerful tool (far more so than your "it's cool that GCs and LGBs will (hopefully) be able to call a man a man and a woman a woman on Twitter now without getting banned" summary would suggest—I invite you to actually know what's going on over there before being this dismissive; do you really think that's all that's going on, after what I just said?).

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I wasn't being dismissive though. I think people being banned for stating basic facts is actually a pretty huge deal. That's 1984-espque 2+2=5 type shit. And fair enough, I don't use Twitter. However, I do use Tumblr and Ovarit (to a lesser extent) and I've seen GC and LGB Twitter users venting on those platforms. The impression I've gotten is that TRA Twitter users can basically get away with bloody murder while GC users can get banned for the slightest infraction. Like TRAs can openly call for the beating, rape, or murder of "TERFs" while GC users get banned just for saying Caitlyn Jenner/Riley J. Dennis/Yaniv/whoever is a man. I also heard about stuff like the incident with J.K. Rowling getting bombarded with dick pics from transwomen.

My main point was that whatever good the Musk takeover will do for GC Twitter users is just incidental, and may end up being a wash because of the probable influx of right wing nutjobs. Like the presence of ACTUAL neo nazis on Twitter now is something TRAs can use as ammo to push their narrative that GC people are just a punch of hateful Nazis who want Trans people dead.

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I assume the block and report buttons will still be functional.And this time people will get banned for actual hate speech and not because they acknowledge biological reality.

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At least there will be less "she/they" girls there.

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Anyone who thinks that Twitter is going to be a better place now is more delusional than TRAs. Does anybody even now what the whole deal means? It means that Twitter, one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, is now owned by a right-winger who's going to be as loose as possible when it comes to allowed content.

A huge social media platform like Twitter turning completely right-wing is a disaster, expect to see a lot of bullcrap like Nazis, actual traditional homophobes (the kind of people that say slurs and demand for our rights to be taken away), pro-life, anti-women's rights, full-fledged racism (the N word is already trending)...etc to rise and get to the mainstream front.

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I prefer it to the alternative of women getting perma banned for refusing to accept penis is a female organ,while the ones who sent death threats to said women enjoy the use of Twitter despite the reports.