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So: anyone going back to (or starting to post on) Twitter? I deleted my account because I couldn’t stand the cesspool it was a couple of years ago, although I met some awesome GC/radfem (not always both) people, including some great trans people believe it or not. But it just got too much after a while.

Now, with Elon “freeing the bird” (“flipping the bird”??🤔), I’m wondering whether it would be safe to go back. I mean, I’m definitely going to wait and see if they’ll continue to kick people out for asserting biological reality, but I miss the friendships I had on there.

What to do - questions, questions!

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Though I haven't stopped posting, I think that you're more likely to be able to say your piece now and not be suspended because some woke nutter didn't agree with you; Give it a try.