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Imagine if you're someone who has a hard time fitting into the neurotypical social world, and then you discover an alternative community that explains the fact that you don't fit on by claiming that you're just trying to identify as the wrong gender. Then, when you join that community, you get love-bombed with acceptance.

Can you see what a trap this is for people with ASD?

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It's not just that. It's a known thing that autistic children take much longer to develop the capacity to tell the difference between males and females. They end up relying on superficial gender stereotypes to categorize people. Supposedly they can learn but it's much later than other children and by that point they have already created the incorrectly framed categories.

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Interesting.I'm someone that's on the spectrum and i remember when i was in Pre-K and i accidently said i was a girl to the teacher.Thankfully,i lived in a time where this thing wasn't mainstream and the teacher rubbed it off as me making a mistake.

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That would certainly explain why so many TRAs and Trenders seem to have such a childish view of what "being a woman" and "being a man" means. Really just also shows more why so many of these "gender" doctors should fucking know better.

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I'm baffled as to why most of those were removed. Reddit is such a shithole site.