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Many many people have talked about how their likes for J K Rowling vanish on Twitter.

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Yeah, I've heard Twitter is bad, I didn't think Youtube was this bad too though. I guess I should have known, Google owns it now, and doesn't Google have a bunch of transwomen working for them?

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No doubt they do. AGPS seem to be incredibly good at getting themselves into positions of power, even in women’s groups.

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Can confirm. There is one tweet in particular that we retweet so people can put their likes back. I had to re-add mine several times last week when it made the rounds again.

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I know it well. My like has never vanished but perhaps I'm not of any significance since I only follow people and don't tweet.

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I'm definitely on Some Lists™ over there (mainly made by TRAs who block us en masse before even interacting with us; it's a longstanding running joke at this point about how fragile they are—clearly terrified they might hear our very scary (boring) words about things like biology and not being creepy, so they pass lists of our accounts around amongst themselves). And I'm pretty polite. But I follow lots of miscreants, by which I mean reality subscribers. Doing this has been speculated to affect things like whether or not one gets shadowbanned. I can't tell.

But sometimes the likes that either vanish or don't stick seem like a random thing rather than an intentional malfunction. It is hard to tell. Perhaps that is the point—or there is no point.

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I had a previous account on which I commented and found myself having to block people for putting me on lists of evil TERFs.

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Yup. They spend a great deal of time finding the scary bad people to block. If only they spent half as much using logic.

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The channel owner can also delete it if i remember correctly.

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Yeah I think they can, it's just that since this has happened to me multiple times with different comments on videos by different creators I suspect that's not what's happening.

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There is also an automated tool that removes comments containing certain words or phrases,forcing even content creators to censor themselves.

PS.I l was banned from Youtube two years ago (during the great ban before the USA elections that also took down many Reddit subs like Truelesbians and LGBdroptheT). I am almost certain I was caught in an algorithm as I rarely made any comment whatsoever.

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Hmm... I'm pretty sure I used the term "transgender males" in my comment, I wonder if I got hit for that? It's probably kind of TERF-y to use that phrase, TRAs would probably say "AMAB trans people" or something.

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YouTube is mildly better than Twitter, and miles better than Reddit. Still, I'd be happy to see Elon take them all over

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Pre Elon Musk,my Twitter account was banned without containing a single post or any other kind of activity,(I suspect that penalty was linked to my Youtube ban). Post Elon,my account was reinstated few days after I appealed. Moreover,this appeal did not force me to reveal my personal information,unlike the requirements of the appeal I had to do pre Elon Musk.

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They did already have your personal information if they already forced you to give it to them, though.

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They had my cell phone number.

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this appeal did not force me to reveal my personal information,unlike the requirements of the appeal I had to do pre Elon Musk.

So, they didn't do this then?

Having your cell phone number is virtually standard. Demanding personal info for verification would be something more like ID documents.

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I used to log in Youtube with my google account. The only personal info I gave to Google was my cell phone number.

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Is it possible for the person who posts the video to remove comments? I've never posted a video on YouTube, so I don't know if that's a feature or not.

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I believe the video's creator can remove comments, yes. I suspect that's not what's happening here though.

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Youtube commenting is the most frustrating thing ever. At least other sites tell you when they remove your stuff. And it's usually the GC related comments they remove.

I brought this up a couple times before where I went into further detail. I'll see if I can find that.

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