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Yes and "theys" often get nasty when you ask them to even define the term logically without stereotypes 🤪

Sorry about your friend but the first thing that comes to mind is that slowly-turning-into-a-clown-meme.

Hopefully "they" soon realize that they are complacent with more poor treatment of women and that you don't just get to "opt out" of womanhood when it sucks.

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What hurt the most was her trying to explain her non-stereotypically female interests and her tomboy look with that gender identity. I was in such a pain seeing this.

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Fighting sexism with delusion and word games is hard to take seriously.

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I don't have personal experience with a friend coming out as non-binary, thankfully. But I found out after I graduated high school that a girl I knew in middle school and high school came out as FtM. It was pretty depressing to hear that, especially since I was pretty sure she was bi or lesbian. And the worse part is that she was a very petite girl so there's no way in hell she'll ever remotely pass as male.

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Always. Because either they are too young to recall that we already dealt with acceptance of gender non-conformity back in the '70s/'80s/'90s, or they are old enough and have lost sight of reality. Either way it sucks. Nobody is non-binary. This is a fantasy. Also it's an insult to those of us stunning and brave enough to just be ourselves regardless of anyone else's gender stereotype addictions or projections. These poor souls need to level up their DGAF game and get on with living, not apologizing for living by rebranding themselves nonsensically.

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Yeah. I don’t know but I took this coming out as a slap in my face.

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These poor souls need to level up their DGAF game and get on with living, not apologizing for living by rebranding themselves nonsensically

DAMN, Wafflegaff, that is SUCCINCT. Well done!

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I'm feeling pretty efficient / impatient about my verbiage lately.

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Sorry to hear that. Hopefully she'll snap out it eventually. Sometimes non-binary feels like the only response against people telling one how to behave because of their sex. But it at best only delays the social pressure as no one truly believes in it anyway. And the toxic people in your life won't care about or respect anything you identify as.

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Recently found out my best friend from high school has since begun identifying as non binary - come to think of it the writing was on the wall as she was very active on Tumblr and hopped on all the bandwagons, particularly the Superwholock and Homestuck fandoms, and through that got interested in Tumblr's particular brand of "social justice". She'd come out to me as bi back then and I was like "hey, nothing wrong with that" (I'm straight but have always been an ally as I have LGB relatives and friends I love and support), then switched to "pansexual" (basically bisexual but more woke), now she's claiming to be asexual, non binary and uses she/they pronouns (which I'll never understand. Does it mean either is okay, or do people who stick this in their bio expect others to alternate between them and make conversations needlessly complicated?)

Found this out completely by chance because she still has me blocked on Facebook even though it's been over a decade since we had our falling out, and we're adults now, but I stumbled across a new profile of hers on Twitter, and it was unmistakably her - the name and art style (she's an artist) were a dead giveaway. And despite her newfound asexual identification she will gladly draw sexually explicit artwork. Oh, and despite claiming to not be religious when I knew her she's gone all in for neo-paganism and new age hippie crap. I know it's been a long time since I last saw her, but she was the first real friend I had as I was bullied a lot for my nerdy interests, and it still breaks my heart that she's gone this route.

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You know, a couple of days as some Elliot Page-Rogers short dude would go a long way toward explaining to "them" which direction the wind of sexism actually blows in.

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Omg, I have the same experience though I wouldn't say I was super close to her? She's an old friend from highschool and I could very much relate to her in mannerisms and her interests (loves anime and videogames and was very much the opposite of a girly girl). But apparently she too switch to NB which I find disheartening, because I know she's just a serious tomboy though I don't really know if she has any sexual attraction (I'm pretty sure she hinted at being bi). In a terrible way, I'm kinda glad I moved states so I won't encounter any of my old highschool anime friends because I know for sure they all knee-deep in this gender/sexuality crap. Apparently being into anime and art just does that to you :/ I just know it would be pretty tense if I did see her again as I would try very hard to not cause problems but also not use her new pronouns or name; I don't know if she has one, but I'm pretty sure she does. I honestly won't even be surprised if she started identifying as a man.