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Not like the other girls 🤡🤡🤡

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So much delusion and utter nonsense in those comments holy shit.

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Not just for my peace of mind, but it would 100% feed their 'kids just want to be oppressed' fantasy, and they're insufferable as is.

Yeah... "fantasy".

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"As a bi person mostly attracted to men, I've personally always loved how gay men can be a safe space for women. Before I knew I was trans, it made me really happy knowing there are a fair amount of gay guys that will stand up for women, and prove men and women can be genuine friends with no attraction involved whatsoever."

Correction: a space in which men and women can be friends but the MAN isn't attracted to her whatsoever. Can't guarantee the reverse (especially when women try and evade the fact that they glomp onto men because it feels good to them without regard for how it feels for him).

"How does you not being attracted to women make you sexist? are all gay men sexist then? Honestly, i was reading something about how most people understand masculinity as something opposed to or opposite of women. That being masculine is shown as being possessive of women. I disagree with the idea that THATS what it means to be masculine, but i know it can be hard to unlearn that."

Well, when you have feminist literature and letters from the 1960s/70s claiming that gay men are sexist for not being able to consent to women as well as TiFs nowadays claiming that gay men are both sexist and transphobic for not consenting to them, you can kind of see how OP would draw that conclusion.