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I really wonder how they manage to sell the idea that everyone wsnts trans people dead without mentioning that these potential hate murderers could as well mistake effeminate gay men or butch women for trans people and also target them. But no, somehow it's just only trans people being affected and no one else who is gender non-conforming could be mistaken for being trans by a hateful person.

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I really wonder how they manage to sell the idea . . .

Constant messaging. Narrative framing.

The person they were interviewing was talking endlessly about intersectionality and how none of can have any civil rights if all of us don't have civil rights, which, of course, translates to "all TRA demands must be met, and if you're not actively fighting for that, you're a Bad Person."

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It’s the biggest load of bullshit ever foisted on us

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Yeah the estimate of trans people is something like 0.3% of the population so the number you calculate is showing that transgender people experience a lower murder rate than the general population.

I don't know about murder specifically but the vast majority of violence experienced by the transgender community is by MtF prostitutes. The second highest category is domestic violence which is just them fighting with each other. If you look at the remaining population there is a vanishingly small number of them experiencing violence.

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Yes, so tired of these asshats proclaiming they only stand up for the "poor little trans folks." You guys, Big Trans has its fingers in the brains of your children, WAKE THE FUCK UP!

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The LGB used to get accused of trying to recruit kids. No, we just want people who are going to be gay anyway not to be harassed for it. Meanwhile, Trans Inc. is creating promotional materials like The Gender Unicorn and The Genderbread Person, using cartoon imagery that's blatantly aimed at kids.

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The difference is we are born LGB and it isn't just a fashion statement we can change at will.

They are even using children's toys to explain it... make it make sense!!

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I always wonder how many of these deaths are actually due to arguments over drugs or money, love triangles, or as Q-Continuum-kin pointed out, simple domestic disputes - nothing to do with being trans itself. That annual list of those who've died is complete bullshit - they're all presented as having been killed for their transness, and it ain't so.

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Just listened to part of a show on NPR where they brought up figures claiming that over the last 5 years, 175 trans people had been murdered.

That data included Brazilian sex workers.

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Came here to say this—sometimes TRAs really love to mix up the data sources to make a fake compelling argument.

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NPR is, and always has been, state propaganda.