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I also kind of wondered, why Drag Queens and not Drag Kings? Why just Drag Queens specifically? I really have no idea what the point of it is. It's just really weird and kind of creepy anyway. Like it'd be if they decided to make a Burlesque Dancer Story Hour. Why would you specifically get people who work in adult entertainment reading to kids? I mean if someone who happens to be a Drag Queen or Burlesque Dancer wants to volunteer at their local [insert whatever institution here] and work with kids just as a person that's one thing. But doing it specifically AS a Drag Queen or Burlesque Dancer or whatever other adult entertainment worker is weird and questionable.

If they're doing it to try to normalize gay people with kids then why the fuck would they choose Drag Queens to represent us all? Drag Queens aren't even representative of your average gay man. It's almost like they're trying to make us look bad on purpose.

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If they're doing it to try to normalize gay people with kids then why the fuck would they choose Drag Queens to represent us all? Drag Queens aren't even representative of your average gay man. It's almost like they're trying to make us look bad on purpose.

Exactly!!!!! If the point is to normalize gay people, they’re doing it wrong. If the point is for entertainment, then they’re entertaining the wrong audience.

What is the point and how do we let the world know that most LGB people don’t support drag queen events for children???

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Ask yourself why drag queens are the only gays represented during these story hours THEN you have to acknowledge that not all drag queens are even gay. So what are drag queen story hours really about?

Boosting the self image of drag queens?

I have met plenty of them, they tended to hang out with strippers and I don't want either of those groups of people near my kid. Sorry, hard pass.

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Drag Queen "story hour" has one goal: to sexualize children as young as possible. It's the same as schools like the one in Chicago where the Dean just got caught admitting they had people come in and pass around dildos and butt-plugs to students to teach them about LGBTQ issues....because obviously everything you need to learn about "queer" people you can learn from sex toys.

I used to scoff at the 'the world is ran by pedo elites' theories, but I fully believe them. Shit like Belinciaga, Nikolai Mushegian, everything we've seen and heard from undercover journalists and educators.

I don't think I'd scoff at any conspiracy theory these days, to be honest.

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Fully agree!

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Remember Epstein's Island. The world is run by pedos, and sadly LGB are being used as a smokescreen by them.

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I don't think it's fair to criticize the gay community for this, because ultimately drag queens are just performers who show up to these events because they are paid to do so. Who's actually organizing and attending the events? They're usually put on by librarians and attended by parents with their kids, so I would have to guess most of the people who are actually responsible for the events are straight women who like gay culture and drag. The hysteria around these events is totally overplayed as well - I agree kids shouldn't be at a drag show but that's not what these are.

The events might be bad PR, but there really isn't any such thing as the LGB community to manage things like that. In most major cities the community is just centered around bars and nightclubs, and there certainly isn't anyone in charge of managing PR or telling drag queens they shouldn't go to events they're being paid to do. In my opinion, if these events are inappropriate it comes back to the parents who are bringing their kids into the environment. If Drag Queen Story Hour is about sexualizing children and grooming them to be molested by pedophiles, what is going on with the people who are bringing their kids to the event?

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For the most part, I agree with you, within certain parameters.

The hysteria around these events is totally overplayed as well - I agree kids shouldn't be at a drag show but that's not what these are.

True, but the problem is in creating an event the appearance of which is readily adaptable to anti-gay narratives. As an example, I was recently re-reading the novel He, She, and It by Marge Piercy in which she interweaves a dystopian future and a story about a Jewish rabbi creating a golem in Prague of 1600. In one section, the golem is sent out to find a teenage Christian girl who's gone missing and whose disappearance the rabbi worries will be blamed on the Jewish community. He sends the golem out to find here, and she is found locked up (and pregnant) in the house where she was working as a servant. The crisis is avoided. My point is that the rabbi understood that whatever the truth was, he was already hearing rumblings that the Jews would be blamed for the girl's murder, even though she hadn't been murdered.

Likewise, Drag Queen Story Hour may be mostly or entirely innocent, but the problem is that it creates images that can easily be twisted by people with an anti-gay agenda to promote anti-gay hysteria. And there have been cases where the drag queens doing the readings have not been properly vetted and turn out to have criminal histories.

"What about the children??" has long been a strategy used to attack the LGB. Creating events that create images that provide fuel for these slanders is not a good idea, even if the events themselves are relatively harmless.

You have to control your public image. No one else will do it for you. And if straight women are promoting these shows, I think we need to tell them to stop it.

I hope I don't step on anyone's toes here, but I think back to the 1990s and the image of "thugs" endlessly disseminated via gangster rap videos. I don't think that did the general public perception of the black community any good whatsoever. It was producers and record companies profiting by marketing something that made money, even if it dealt in negative stereotypes.

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I agree that it's a bad look, I think I'm quick to defend the drag queens because I see a lot of right wing content online that is calling these events "gay child grooming" and I think that's ridiculous. It's the same thing as with the trans kid stuff - that gets called LGBT indoctrination but the vast majority of parents transitioning their kids are straight couples, just as the vast majority of school teachers talking about gender identity are straight people. It all loops back into trans issues too - gay people get blamed for these mentally ill (mostly) straight men and women who are forcing themselves on everyone in our name.

I would love to see better PR for the gay community but first I think there actually needs to be some sort of community outside of just nightlife. It's hard because so many of the activist spaces for LGB people have been captured by gender activists who set the tone for the whole community, and I imagine many gay people wouldn't want to join some kind of gay only organization for fear of being attacked by those elements.

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I agree that community outreach by gay people without the involvement of trans or "queer" people is a good idea. I think it's best to leave kids out of it, people get (understandably) insanely defensive over their children and kids will end up believing what their parents tell them anyways. Best to focus on adults, and maybe teenagers.

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DQSH was never meant as anything but a way for woke parents to reassure themselves that their kids are getting exposed to diversity. Because these woke parents usually see LGB people through campy and kinky stereotypes, the woke parents think that drag queens are "authentic queer culture" and don't separate that culture from LGB people. This is also why people insist on kink and public nudity at Pride -- they think that removing the kink and public nudity means pandering to "heteronormativity", even though plenty of LGB people hate kink and public nudity.

If I was a kid and had to attend DQSH, I would have probably been scared by the drag queens.

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I have no problem with kink practiced by consenting adults in private spaces. What we don't need is half-naked guys in pup-play kink gear playing with kids in the street as a photo op.

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Pedophiles, Jules.

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I guess I'm late to the reply section, but.... the answer is very simple. "Drag queen story hour" exists to get little kids accustomed to the idea that men pretending to be women is normal and cool. In the hopes that, when those kids grow up, they will protest less about men infiltrating women's spaces and forcing them back to the situation of subservience they were into just a century ago.

Bonus points for how "drag queen story hour" also lowers kids'attention against predatory, suspicious adults.

Extra bonus points for how it forces to keep us peasants focused on protecting our kids instead of thinking about jobs, healthcare, economy, housing, global warming, immigration.....