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I am not surprised.Anyone,even actual trans people (aka genuine sufferers of GID who went all the way and had the surgeries and took hormones in the hope they will feel at ease in their skin) who dares to criticize the TRA insanity is silenced.

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It's not saying anything we didn't already know, and it confirms things I've been told. For example, I was friends with someone who transitioned FtM in graduate school, back in the 1990s. Back then, there was no hints of the dogma we see now. I kept in touch from time to time, and one thing he told me was that he had started regretting transition and felt that it had simply distracted him from dealing with other underlying problems that had now returned. But, by that point, he said that he couldn't say that sort of thing in his social milieu because he was in academia and known as trans. He said he would be shunned if he were to state publicly that it had all been a mistake. He ended up committing suicide.

apparently even trans people can't say anything remotely critical of the trans overlords.

If you're a trans dissenter, you are in a very lonely place.

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The Tumblr transarinas have been pejoratively referring to actual old school transexuals or just anyone who mildly gatekeeps being trans behind "dysphoria" as "truscum" for a long time now.

It's always been a thing with them to go absolutely crazy against people who disagree if they think that person is supposed to be on their side.

Women, gays, and feminists have always been high on that list because they use those legitimate social justice movements to trojan horse a bunch of batshit crazy ideas into pop culture. They've basically ostracized large chunks of these groups now so the "transmeds" / "truscum" have become the in-group who they see as "should know better".

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No surprise that they would be suspended given the percentage of TRAs and transpaedos modding on Reddit

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Very based and sane rant. Sad that it's gone but to look at things through more optymistic lenses I think there is much more people thinking the same but it's really hard to win against a majority, which appropriates your condition and turns it into this weird abomination.