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Every civil rights movement was taken over by Critical Theory.Critical theory's goal is to dismantle everything so that it can rebuilt it's utopic society upon the ashes of the previous one. Problem is a) there are things that will always have value (like family,science and freedom) and b)Critical theory is a predator's wet dream.

Prepare for the backlash.I am practically welcoming it at this point. I want to see those arrogant psychopathic bastards who enable the destruction of children's bodies and minds and call women objecting to their right's violation biggots, burn. I want to see them burn,even if I am also thrown into the fire .

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I'm not LGB but i do feel bad for those who wanted nothing to do with this and live their lives in peace.I fear that this backlash is going to cause people to target LGB because it's so difficult for people to separate them from the TQ+ and plus there's gays who sadly believe TQ+ rights are the same as gay and black rights.If i was them and saw the writing on the wall, i'd distance myself from Ts.

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Believe me we are trying ,but everyone LGB or even T who tries to get away from the LGBTQIA+ cult is hunted down and bullied into submission or silence.

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Critical theory's goal is to dismantle everything

I think we've been reading/listening to the same sources. And, in fact, I was trained in critical theory. The thing is that, for me, there was always this little nagging voice in my head that sad, "There's something profoundly wrong with all this." Unfortunately, it took seeing the consequences of it to realize what the problem was, although it was pretty clear to me in graduate school that many of my colleagues were the most unpleasant ideologues I'd ever met in my life. The danger is that they really seem to believe they can force all this on people indefinitely.

The backlash is already under way. Trump's election (and I can't stand him) was the warning sign that many people were tired of it.

If we had gotten same-sex marriage and then gradually pursued other goals, we would probably not be seeing the backlash that we'll be caught up in as a result of the TQ+ culture war. We built organizations that are now essentially zombie organizations, having abandoned their original goals, while still lumbering on, supported by an endless stream of corporate funding.

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It wasn't our fault. We did not elect those fools to represent us. Not that the public knows or cares. As I was saying...We are going to suffer and then some,and I do not even care,as long as I see all those TRA scum burn.

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There were those who's goal was equality under the law, which is laser focused on changing the laws that discriminate/single out lgb people. We also had people who thought you could legislate away peoples homophobic feelings, which is what we have now. They think you can demand and cancel away the bigots, and like other people said the critical theory crowd is leading the charge on this. So not only do we have to solve homophobia and biphobia, but racism, classism (end capitalism), sexism, transphobia, enbyphobia, etc. So yes, its an project that will go on indefinitely; they can be a victim forever.

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They think you can demand and cancel away the bigots,

I think that this is one of the most foolish attitudes they've promoted. Someone on AGB was posting today about a Florida bill making it easier to sue someone for defamation for calling someone a 'racist' or a 'transphobe.' They seem to be oblivious to the fact that a bill like this is clearly payback for the whole "We're going to have you FIRED!" mob mentality on the left. They are SHOCKED to find that someone might finally decide to turn the tables on them and try to punish them for their speech. It will be hilarious to watch them start defending freedom of speech again.

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The crowd that believes "freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences" are the first to be shocked when they get consequences. As don Lemon just found out lol.

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I barely watch CNN, but even with just the little I've seen, it's obvious that Don Lemon can be a dick on the air. And then, for some bizarre reason, CNN sent him to cover Queen Elizabeth's funeral when it was obvious that he barely knew what was going on and didn't want to be there.

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They have some goals, but it's also the case that the identity categories like non-binary are still controversial.

I don't think the crusade will ever end specifically because of the expanding identity categories, because it's turned into a totally arbitrary thing that you can make up on a whim.

Gay, straight, bisexual, those are clear and easily defined categories with a long history of common sense observation, things that people are and always have been. But non-binary, asexual, stuff like that? Basically doesn't exist. Truly non-binary people would be a person born as a medical anomaly, the exception that proves the rule, a hermaphrodite, and those people are vanishingly rare. Asexual? Don't even get me started, I'm sorry but that's just another word for a person with little to no sex drive. I guaran-damn-tee you those asexual people have thoughts they'll never share that better define their sexuality.

It's the grownup version of games that children play where you pretend to be whatever you want and everyone pretends along with you. Their goal now is the unquestioning acceptance of any identity real or imagined, with a few exceptions, because in their minds they are completely blameless and justified in their pursuit of validating a perceived slighted minority.

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I agree with your point on asexuality actually. When you follow mainstream asexual communities the term "asexual" is pretty much meaningless like non-binary. It can include everyone, literally. But been seeing a little pushback against watering down the meaning of asexuality but as expected the mainstream calls them gatekeepers or bigots. Even if they simply want the word "asexual" to mean something specific.