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We will not spell out every edge case for you. Common sense and accountability are required. That said, we do have a list of common FAQs for all our rules, which are linked below.

You may be banned immediately for rule violations, or may be given warnings and temporarily muted from participation. You can appeal any action by messaging the moderators. An appeal does not guarantee a ban/mute will be overturned. An appeal also does not mean you will get an explanation or response - trolls and instigators will be ignored.

DO NOT send private chats or messages directly to our moderators about this sub. Chat and PMs are private and personal to a SaidIt user, and are not the appropriate venue to discuss actions taken on behalf of a sub. Instead, you should message all moderators.

1. General Guidelines / Civility

Play nicely with each other. We come from a variety of backgrounds and ideologies across the world. You might be a feminist, men's rights activist, conservative, centrist, liberal, or anyone or anything in-between - all LGB are welcome, and expected to be respectful of each others differences.

You may critique a topic, but remember there is a real person on the other side. Be respectful, and discuss ideas, not the individual. Scouring a person's history may give you an understanding of their beliefs, but where they post is not an argument.

No broad generalizations of all members of a group due to your personal and/or political belief, such as "feminists are man-haters", "men are worthless trash", or "trans are rapists".

No witch-hunting or targeted-attacks - if you have an issue with a user or a particular stance, take it up with them privately rather than making a post. This includes rule violations, and discussions about rules - it derails threads and redirects attention to that rather than the topic of a post. Message the moderators if you have questions or concerns.

Please see our "Rule FAQs" page for clarification.

2. Appropriate Content

This is an LGB sub first and foremost. We are separatists, and others may find this sub seeking understanding of our stance, with no prior knowledge of the LGBTQ+ climate. Your posts must focus on:

  • Why LGB and TQ+ should no longer be part of the same organization
  • LGB news, concerns, and history - local or worldwide
  • LGB personal affairs - observations, questions, stories, humor

Right-wing/conservative LGB people are welcome here. Left-wing/progressive people are welcome here. Anyone from any political party is welcome here, as long as they follow the rules and can have composed conversations about the issues at hand.

We do allow content about TQ+ impacting other movements - such as women's rights, liberal/conservative politics or social changes, etc. Please be sure to demonstrate why/how LGB should take note of these things and "join hands across the aisle" of our respective groups, or your post may be removed and directed to another sub. We are not a pro- or anti-politics sub, but do stay on-topic for our movement, and remember to center LGB or "dropping the T" in your discussions.

Please see our "Rule FAQs" page for clarification.

3. Off-Topic Posts/Comments

Always keep the goal of LGB representation in-mind.

Anti-trans memes and mockery are not allowed. Posts about "trans people behaving badly" are allowed, as long as it demonstrates the impact on LGB and greater society.

This is not a debate sub. We do not allow "Keep The T!" discussions or "whataboutism" in order to change our stance. We are not an AMA sub, we don't have any questions for TQ+, and our users aren't here to provide emotional labor/support for others' inability to research on their own.

Straight and/or trans users may contribute in comments, but your posts will be removed unless they center LGB and our needs and concerns. We appreciate your support, but we're not here to validate you for being an ally.

Please do not engage with trolls or rule-breakers. They take up enough of our time and focus in every other space, don't allow them to here as well. Report their posts/comments and move on.

We do not allow agenda-pushing or derailing of threads. There's a time and place for every discussion, but that doesn't mean our sub is necessarily it.

Please see our "Rule FAQs" page for clarification.

4. Disallowed Language

Our sexuality is not an identity to be claimed. Our sexuality is based on biology.

We believe sex is innate, while gender labels (queer/non-binary/etc) are not. Men are adult human males, and women are adult human females. Sex is biological, it is not "assigned at birth" or mutable due to gender identity. Therefore, gender identity does not define or impact our sexual orientation.

We have zero tolerance for homophobia/biphobia. Implying that sexual orientation is a preference or changeable or "should be examined" for open-mindedness is conversion therapy.

No name-calling or accusations of bigotry. Calling users "transphobes" will get you banned.

Racism, anti-semitism, ableism, slurs, and otherwise derogatory comments that divide our community and/or promote a different culture or ideology are not allowed. These include, but are not limited to: dyke, faggot, feminazi, gaping wound, butchery/mutilation, TERF, TIM/TIF, tranny, trap, troon.

Please see our "Rule FAQs" page for clarification.

5. Social Media Content

You can provide direct links to social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Sharing links to Reddit and SaidIt content is also allowed.

However, you may want to consider sharing screenshots or archive links to these sites instead. Some users do not want to "give clicks" to social media sites anymore, and/or posts can be deleted or edited.

No self-advertisement posts - such as a new sub or website you created, personal YouTube channels, Discord invites, etc. You can share about them in the weekly "Sunday Social" thread - that allows for off-topic conversation. If you feel your content is relevant to our sub and should be allowed as a unique post, please message the moderators for permission first.

We do not allow posts discussing being banned from other subs, including Reddit and/or SaidIt. We have a weekly thread called "Censorship Thursdays" where you can share about your bans.

Please see our "Rule FAQs" page for clarification.

6. SaidIt Policy

No pornography, selling/vending illegal items, doxxing, brigading or rallying behavior, threats of violence or harm, etc.

Familiarize yourself with SaidIt Rules.

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