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    Why would I want an LG country? And glad to hear you passed 5th grade health. Yes Airbus, two men or two women can't make a baby. Gooooood. Feel free to continue to not contribute anything to society other than your worthless spawn. Burn.

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    We need a Gay nation. We meet all the qualifications for it. We need a place where gay people are the dominant class. We need a place that is just for us. We need a military.

    All the justifications for Jewish nationalism can and should be used for Gay nationalism.

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    That just sounds far outside the realm of possibility.

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    That’s what they said about Israel.

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    Atheism is just antisemitism extrapolated onto every other religion. Our leftist “allies” stabbed us in the back. Why should we continue to support the left when they have declared war on us and used the tr-nscult as a weapon against same-sex attraction?

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    Atheism is just antisemitism extrapolated onto every other religion.


    Why should we continue to support the left

    We're 1% of the population. We're not supporting the left. The left is supporting us, barely and in a brain-dead way. The philosophy of liberalism gave us our rights. "Conservatives" don't want to conserve what rights we have, they want to conserve "traditional values" and bring us back to a time when we didn't have rights. Most liberals aren't intentionally using the trans issue to hurt gay people. They're just retarded and don't notice it happening, and many of them would not care even if they knew, but it's not as if conservatives care more (or at all) about gay rights. There are plenty of brain-dead liberals who are compassionate and just think trans is gay2.0 and just support it without thinking about it.