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Why do you ask?

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Thinking back on it, I'm not sure if it could be properly be considered "gender/sex dysphoria" or just "sexual orientation dysphoria". Maybe it was a mix of the two...

But, when I was younger, I was androgynous (still am), and experiencing same sex attraction. What didn't help was that I was also hanging around with the TRA crowd. Which eventually led to me having a breakdown and begging my mom that I wanted to transition. Why? Probably to make me be seen as a "straight man". That it would probably make my life "easier," and explain why I was so "different" to the other girls.

Turns out, I was just struggling with multiple things (mental & self image issues, confusion of sexuality, ADHD, etc.). Wasn't actually a "Trans man." Just a messed up kid =)

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I'm curious, did you experience dysphoria around your primary or secondary sex characteristics? Severe dysphoria, not just envy? And were you genuinely different from most girls in the way that lesbian children are, with mostly male friends and masculine interests and styles of play?

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Both. I didn't like the fact I had a V, and I very much wanted to remove the Bs. As for interests, I did hang out with males more than females and masculine interests outweighed the feminine interests.

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That doesn't necessarily mean anything, that's very common especially for young children who haven't been fully indoctrinated yet. This recent boom of detrans women is the result of political correctness insisting that not conforming to stereotypes must mean you're a different gender.

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Both. I didn't like the fact I had a V, and I very much wanted to remove the Bs.


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Getting a bit too personal, aren't we? I've had my reasons, and I'm not going to go that far into them. One of them was already subtly stated of dislike for secondary characteristics.

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I asked because it's an anonymous website, but obviously you don't have to.

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Transition can only help if it's your body that's the problem, not if you just think you'd have an easier time socially as the opposite gender, which is 95% of trans people these days.

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I did, but I didn't know that's what it was.

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Meanwhile, how can you lack empathy for those suffering from racial dysphoria?

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But a boy I grew up with certainly did. He played with girl's dolls and even though it was the 1980s his parents did not care as I guess they thought he wanted to be like his sister?

He is not trans at all, but is heterosexual, but happens to be bipolar and schizophrenic or what is now called schizoaffective, but he takes meds and has changed his life around completely.