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And the fact that the couple was already allowed to amend one of their sons' birth certificates shows that the "the parents have to be biological" law is not applied evenly at all.

Not an American, but isn't this unequal, or let's name it for what it is discriminatory action basis for legal action?

is completely transparent and a legitimate slippery slope

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile, and they will keep on taking if conservatives are allowed to.

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I think birth certificates should list biological parents but also have additional spaces for adoptive or additonal parents. It is important to record these things for medical reasons and personal ones too.

Two mothers I have no issue with but the kid came out of someone and I feel the distinction should be noted. We don't need to deny reality to celebrate different types of families but it doesn't hurt you to have facts recorded about your birth.

This is like males changing their certificates to female. It doesn't work that way. Best I can do is give you an asterisks bud.