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"Biphobia" isn't real.

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Unfortunately, it does exist, despite your apparent lack of belief that it does. That's just reality, and from here on out I'll be removing comments or posts that promote it, minimize its harms, or deny its existence-- including comments like the ones you made on the other post (and this one). It sounds like you may not have had much experience with it personally. However, I've talked to many other bisexual people who have been affected by it, and I'd like for this sub to be a welcoming place for all LGB people, not just ones who aren't affected by biphobia (or homophobia, or any particular type of experience that happens to a subset of LGB people).

Furthermore, one doesn't have to be bisexual in order to know that biphobia exists. It's an observable phenomenon with a clear definition and there are many examples of it happening. It's also worth noting that bisexual erasure negatively harms homosexual (L/G) people as well, pressuring some bisexual people to be in the closet about their bisexuality and claim that they're gay/lesbian when they're not.

If you're not sure what I mean by biphobia, I gave you a clear example of it in this post. However, if you're looking to engage in a debate about biphobia (or a debate about anything, really), this is the wrong sub to do it on. I suggest s/LGBDroptheT, or when the mods eventually open it, s/LGB.

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    I don't mod on those subs and I can't justify or explain the decisions of mods of other subs. I'm sorry to hear that you were banned from there. This sub is really not intended to be a debate sub, though; s/LGBmemes is for memes. You could try s/GCdebatesQT? I've talked with a few people over the last several months about maybe starting a s/askLGB or s/askLGBdropthetT; it sounds like you might be interested in something like that. This sub is my current priority, though.

    I'm going to have to remove your comment for "Disallowed Language", though, like I said. These rules are like boundaries; you don't have to participate here if you don't want to, but if you do want to participate here, you need to respect them.

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    I'm not asking you for an explanation and it's very condescending of you to keep acting as if I am.

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    I can't control how you perceive me, and I can tell you that I certainly don't intend to seem condescending! I'm sorry if I came across that way. I'm just trying to be clear about what the rules are on this sub, since you broke them.

    If you have any questions about what the rules are, let me know. Otherwise, I think we're at the end of this conversation. Have a good one.

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    You are not real