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I actually feel much better. I was very conflicted about not just immediately deleting it when they banned so many subs in the first wave and purposely left up porn subs and hateful fetish subs, etc, especially content targeted at hating women/women’s lib.

It was the first time I had been able to speak to lesbians, just lesbians, in YEARS. I was willing to stick around until we got banned when I saw how many young lesbians were on there, getting horseshit from the TQ+ (I consider the real LGBs who abandon homosexuality and same-sex attraction to be honorary TQs because they sit back when we are attacked), with nowhere to go and no one to talk to about simply being lesbians. That is heartbreaking.

Lots of us used to have gay and lesbian elders, like big brothers and sisters, who supported us when our families and friends didn’t. It seems like this generation doesn’t have that, just a bunch of people yelling “what about meeeeeeeeeeee, your identity invalidates mine and you’re wrong” whenever they try to speak out their experiences as lesbians. Brutal. It’s the real reason for a lesbian-only space. We had lots of teens and early 20s who were from homophobic places or families and were lonely, and go online to see a pile of identities and some very unhealthy stuff in “lesbian” subs. True lesbians was downright wholesome.

EDIT: LOL, and to answer your actual question. I’m going to do some art and interior design, and social distance visit with friends. I’ve also been reading a lot. Going for really long walks and “exploring” the city. Looking for beautiful stuff.

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I see so many young lesbians just going transmen route because they are liking women and that is "men gender role to love women". And no one even saying that taking testosterone to woman (especially in young age) is much more dangerous than taking estrogen to man.

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I’m still very conflicted with deleting my Reddit account. I like browsing various art and craft subreddit for inspiration. But at the same time, it’s become such a toxic environment for LGB that I want nothing to do with it.

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I have a boring old Reddit account where I browse things that have nothing to do with LGB topics, so I'll probably keep that to participate in some of the more niche subreddits I'm a part of. But as far as browsing any lesbian related, I'm done. Other account, deleted. There's just no place for discourse without being overloaded with TiMs and miscellaneous ""queer"" women.

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I actually did the mistake of browsing “lesbian” subreddit and immediately regretted it. I’ve gone to dykesgonemild/wild and there would be a handful of transgendered folks asking for validation or just flat out show of their penises and the comments were just “lesbians” wanting to gobble up this guys dick. I’m like you, done with the LGBT community on Reddit. It’s not a community I want to be part of.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I really liked the memes and stuff. It just feels bitter logging on there now.

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I was kinda feeling this, because I always visit the sub for my city, but I'm starting to feel like none of the posts there really have any value anyway. But idk.

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I am reading VOX and watching a ton load of football (Soccer)

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Forget reddit! The gyms here (San Diego) just opened, so I will be going and if the beaches aren’t packed, I will try and go get a tan. I will dive into a new book and drink a little wine that just arrived. I hope everyone is staying sane and always live your best life!

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Can anybody tell me what a handmaiden is?

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Women who promote transgender theory at the expense of their own rights for woke points. In short, the ones who enabled dudes in dresses to take over the other lesbian communities.

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In suffragettes history, main attackers on them were other women too.

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thanks for explaining.

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Women who prioritize men over women. They are the handmaidens of the patriarchy.

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I’ll still use the site for other supportive groups like r/nursing and r/medicine but I’m bummed that TL is gone. Especially the book list that I told myself to write down!