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No, you're not the only one and I suspect this is what TRAs want, which is to associate our point of view with vile bigotry along the lines of being a racist or nazi, when all we want is to just be attracted to other females in peace. Ovarit, the new GC site looks promising but not every person here is GC. IDK.

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It’s exactly what they want. We need to move.

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They're always gonna paint us as nazis or whatever else they want to make up about us regardless of where we are.

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The problem is less what the TRAs say and more the issue of getting people to come here. People may be turned off from joining if they see the rest of the site.

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Yes, but we don’t need to just lay down and let them paint us this way. I’d rather not be resigned to a site that also has nazis and white supremicists on it. It’s not hard to find somewhere else to go.

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They’ve been painting us as nazis since the first woman said No

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This is my main concern. I don't want TRAs to use this as the propaganda that they will absolutely use it as.

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They have always lied when there was nothing else to do. This is how things tend to go from TRA, and people will eat out of their hands. Regardless of what they say or do we have to exist. They will demonize however we do that, they are only please by our ceasing to exist or our silence, and anyone who thinks that is an acceptable option for women and lesbians in particular is not someone whose opinions I give a single shit about.

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I just don't think it would hurt to explore the possibility of other options. I agree that here is better than nowhere. TRAs or are fully indoctrinated are lying liars who lie and there is no hope of convincing them of anything, but there are still a lot of people on the left and within the LGB community that are just relying on others to do their thinking for them on a topic they don't understand (because trans ideology is deliberately inconsistent and convoluted). They trust that since they are aligned with these TRAs on social issues generally, that they have their best interests at heart here. TRAs are counting on this misconception and it's easy for them to say "Look who hangs out on saidit." I think whether sooner or later, a separate platform is ideal.

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You’re right it is worth a look! But no option will ever be good enough so we might as well say its for us rather than letting them get a say in our behavior.

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I am not uncomfortable with the place itself, nor am I that uncomfortable with people expressing those things... I am well aware that these type of people exists - most of them are literally just unintelligent (seems to be a common theme amongst populist supporters).

Very few of them are violent and fewer still are extremely violent. Those that are, are (probably) unlikely to express their views and opinions on public forums like this (too easily monitored).

Dumb people expressing their thoughts or seeking attention is the price you pay for freedom of speech. It’s not like it will go away just because you change the venue for conversation. Changing platform all the time will most likely just reduce the amount of people that will join the conversation, there is a threshold for how many sign-ups I want to do and new layouts I want to get accustomed to.

If I’m concerned, it’s about the closed Telegram groups and private forums where members of groups like NMR (Nordic resistance movement) are sharing ideas and thoughts.

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    Well... I've been on a forum (Flashback) that had or has rather sub-sections for racist ideologies, it has sub-sections for left fascist ideologies, pedophilia, drugs, law enforcement, judicial law, cooking, men's fashion, electronics, physics, high school, biology, philosophy, sex work, bdsm, celebrities, animal rights, internet security, travelling, feminism, hunting, fishing, motor vehicles and so on and so forth. Sharing a space with pedophiles and sex workers doesn't make an escort who enjoys underaged clients, nor does it make me a chef, or a barrister, or a physicist. The only thing you're not allowed to do is sell drugs, or sell weapons, you can't use it to sell sex cause buying sex is illegal in Sweden (it's a Swedish forum, though the servers are not based in Sweden), you're not allowed to post child pornography - or links to child pornography, you're basically not allowed to do anything that is illegal, but any topic is up for conversation as long as it's posted in the correct section. Yes, the language used in some sections is vile - but it's nothing new that some people would consider me nothing more than a monkey based solely on my appearance the actions of some people, pretending it doesn't exist does nothing.

    The one thing that reddit had going for it was diversity of subreddits and people using those places. Outside of truelesbians and dropthet I visited a gaming subreddit, linuxfornoods, a programming subreddit and one for future PhD students. Saidit will most likely never get the same variety nor amount of people and sub-saidits as reddit had and on here I just visit this sub and the DropTheT sub, because I just don't find saidit as good as reddit was (while I still have my reddit account, I don't use it anymore).

    I get the original point of Ovarit, being female centric and males being allowed with restrictions, but at the same time - I don't see any personal benefit of joining it. Yes, I enjoy female only spaces as much as every other female (I mean there's a reason I was at truelesbians and there's a reason why I'm here), but I don't see any reason for having the entire platform female only - I find it very limiting (that might sound like a bit of a contradiction to what I just said in the beginning of the paragraph) and most of the circles Ovarity currently has are completely uninteresting to me but even if they were to create more circles (do love that they're calling them circles though, easier to fit into conversations about it and takes me back to the times of workshops and education circles) about things that would interest me there would probably still not be enough members to make the circles thoroughly interesting or informative.

    But that's ju my opinion of course - people should be wherever they get the most out of the conversations I guess.

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    Not really because Reddit was an uber-liberal dumpster fire in its own way. I guess we either get a whiny echo chamber full of pussies who should have been spanked a few times in childhood, or 4chan 2.0.

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    whiny echo chamber full of pussies

    Whoa, let's not lump pussies in with these people, these people aren't worthy.

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    Exactly. Some pussies are warm and deep, others are sweet little quadrapeds. Either can be hairy. Or bald.

    I like 'em all. 🙂🐈

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    Reddit is not better. There are just more communities, people and paid promotion to block people out. Reddit is still full of racists and sexists; it's also got a bunch of pedophile apologists and rape porn.

    Saidit is more or less what you make it. I've unsubscribed from every group except this one because this group was the only reason I moved here. But this website does actively encourage debate, so you could also feel free to voice any opposing view you have against whatever they're talking about on the front page. You won't be mass-downvoted and you'll only get removed from the conversation if you break the rules. When I'm bored, I still browse some small groups on Reddit, but I don't have an account anymore and I actively refuse to participate there.

    I still think helping this group grow is a good thing, but you could also join the new Ovarit group if you're more comfortable. But I think the "let's move elsewhere" is short-sighted. Between Ovarit, Spinster, Saidit, Tumblr and various other lesbian discord servers and forums, I think it won't be hard to find a place you feel comfortable posting and browsing.

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    You're not alone, I had to unsubscribe to everything but the reddit banwave subs cus the rest of this site is a dumpster fire. It makes me so mad that lesbians get banned to the internet dumps with neonazis and anti-maskers, it's ridiculous and I've actually ranted about it to a few of my friends irl and they've been pretty sympathetic and surprised that anyone would think lesbians want dick or be offended when we don't!

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    Reddit was way worse. Pornography, rape fetish, pedos, etc. Have you all forgotten? I don't frequent other subs (why even look at these?) but yeah I'm sure there are a lot of idiotic and awful males spewing bullshit. that's a given. At least they let us stay here and aren't trying to shut us down (so far). That's better than all the "progressive" platforms.

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    /s/All is pretty similar to Reddit. However here rules a bit more strict than on reddit about trolling, and our subs are hidden, unlike on Reddit. And no porn.

    There is Ovarit site, but it is mostly by invites right now and in beta. PM moderators of this or GC sub if you want invite.

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    I have just entered s/all and I see a lot more than that. You can find all that opinions and worse things on reddit, like for example people telling young homosexual people that it is bigoted not to date opposite sex if they identify as the same. Apparently this opinions didn't disturb you while you where using reddit. Why now. The only difference is, than on reddit you will find more other staff, like for example subs for tv series, games, sports or hobbies, so this opinions "disappears" in crowd. The other difference is, that people that have power to ban are disturbed by our kind of people. If you move, you either be in place with people, whose opinion are disturbing to you or in place with heavy banning and as we know from reedit, it is not decent people, that do the banning and you have zero guarantee, your presence will be welcome. Even in lesbian community there are disagreements and even True Lesbians had some strange banning history. the best thing is to have a few spaces with different moderators and let people migrate as they see fit.

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    yeah and that's why i don't really come here too often. that's the rough part about being exiled, you're stuck with all the people that are actually fucking crazy and terrible.

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    Just ignore them and stick to what you enjoy here. 🤷‍♀️

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    Being free from censorship means that we get to express our own thoughts and feelings and so do people that we may not agree with.

    If we banned people for what we consider wrong-think, we would be another woke Reddit.

    I have had enough of wokeness.

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    We shouldn’t ban them from here, just go somewhere else where they aren’t such a presence.

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    I am working on Discord and on getting invites for you ladies on Ovarit. If you would like to join Ovarit, please message me. I am getting invites slowly and giving them out as I can.

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    Keep us updated, we're waiting with bated breath!

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    Yeeeah, even just s/memes is a disaster. Random comment thread about women I came across within 2 minutes of poking around there:

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    I only joined this site because i got tired of the rhetoric on Reddit about lesbians and dick constantly being thrown in my face and was upset they deleted the true lesbian sub for no reason while other dumpster fires of a sub are allowed on reddit. I don't particularly like the trash i see on this site either (example, wtf is up with the "i hate jews" circlejerk they got going on??), but as someone else mentioned I don't have to look at it if I don't want to, plus there's hope for no censorship on here versus the "woke liberal" crowd over there. At least a right winger never tried to silence me.

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    I am so pissed with the Jewish conspiracy idiots and I am not even Jewish.Also the casual misogynistic incels.But this is the price you pay for free speech.You will hear ideas that you personally find both stupid and vile.If you have the chops debate them.

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        Out of curiosity, what was the comment?

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          Ah okay thanks, good to know there might be a few lurkers around. I shouldn't be surprised lol, I used to never comment. You had a good response.

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          Not just you. Seems the fascists fled reddit as well.

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          I unsubscribed from everything, I just have this sub, GC and droptheT. I don't check their s/all.

          I did the same on reddit too.

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          Try not logging out and unsubscribing from subs you don't care for. It bypasses the crap.

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          I don't go to any other sub on Saidit, and as long as users from other subs don't come here to troll us I don't really care what they do on their platforms.

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          I didn't even know because I'm only subscribed to a few subs.

          There was crap on reddit. The internet as a whole has trash on it too, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop using it.

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          Ovarit now has an official o/lesbians sub now, especially for lesbians who were also active on GC would be a good move they have gc, itsafetish and trollgc (radfemmery) on there too, haven't looked at many of of the other subs here really

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          Yea the antisemitism posts seem to be popular, BUT thats freedom of speech. You can just unfollow that.

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            I don't see how not wanting to interact with disturbing people makes her "stuck up" or "resistant". But yes, people have different opinions. If those opinions are making anyone uncomfortable, then they should protect themselves and simply unsubscribe from the nonsense and resist the curiosity to seek it out.

            There's a lot of disgusting things on the internet, because there's a lot of disgusting people in the world. Sadly, it can't be helped.

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            yeah, I dont really wander around in this site,I just go here and several other LGB and feminist subs. I don't like reading racist and antisemitic things, it is the price we pay for freedom of speech but I prefer not to read such crap