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One of my all-time favorite campy movies from high school, and something that makes me feel stupid for not realizing at that time that I am, basically, Megan. I went another decade before accepting that I'm gay.

Also, Clea DuVall forever.

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Clea...just ugh. Also how is Natasha not a lesbian?!

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Right?? I don't think I found out she was straight until after Orange is the New Black. Blew my mind.

She has better chemistry with the ladies than Ruby Rose for goodness sake.

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She has better chemistry with the ladies than Ruby Rose for goodness sake.

Ain't that the truth!

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Omg, I spent the last 10 years absolutely convinced she was one. Until I came across some article that mentioned her being with Fred Armisen. Happy for them, they both seem like great people 😊

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She has to be. She’s at least half, I mean, come on.

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really boggles my mind

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This movie had me laughing out loud! My favorite part is when they're learning their household gender roles like fixing cars and vacuuming. The actors knocked it out of the park 😂

As a side-note, I really enjoy when movies show solidarity between lesbians and gay men. I know the movie is a comedy but the topic is rather serious and I loved seeing everyone work together to make the best of their shitty situation.

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As a side-note, I really enjoy when movies show solidarity between lesbians and gay men.

I absolutely love that. And I feel like it's been lost a bit. With more acceptance we gravitated to our own spaces (well, more the guys so than us - we don't seem to have that many lesbian spaces :)) Recently in my country a guy was beaten up by some homophobes and a video of it was posted online. It was nice to see how lesbians rallied around him and fought for him.

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Its a small thing but I love how blunt they are about the characters' sexualities. A lot of lesbian movies nowadays won't even say the word lesbian, they'll dance around it and keep it vague. Meanwhile in this movie she flat out says "I'm a homosexual" lmao

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Jamie Babbit the director is a lesbian if I'm not mistaken. She said in an interview: “I wanted to make the world of the movie very artificial and polyester. I think it’s a great comment on the artificiality of gender identity.”

Hello? :) I think she would feel at home on Saidit with us lol.

But really I think the film is so successful because it deftly puts the nail in the coffin of conversion therapy using Humour, without being mean to its proponents.

What can be more devastating than laughing at the ridiculousness of sth? Hannah Arendt would agree with her concept of the banality of evil.

And what about how they just skewer the clichés: the effiminate homosexual, vegetarianism, liking Melissa Etheridge. In general I quite enjoyed the cheeky representation of the different types of gays and lesbians.

RuPaul's character - no sane person would believe he was, or indeed can be cured. :)

Take that homophobes :)

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This was one of the first gay movies I was introduced to and loved, it's so campy.

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But you don't even like to kiss me!!!! Story of my teenage years lol

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Lol, same.

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This movie is one of my favorites. It's just fun. Also, I relate so hard to pretty much everything about Megan in the "I'm a homosexual" scene. I was such a Megan.

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I thought it was absolutely hilarious. D.E.B.S is another comedy with a happy ending as well, I like those kind of movies.

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D.E.B.S was hilarious, and we should absolutely watch it one of these weeks

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This is such a funny movie! I love it! I'm glad they end up together :) Also i'm a sucker for Natasha Lyonne! She's so cute in the movie.

Another thing I've been thinking is that i don't think these reversing homosexuality camps are common where I live. There are churches that claim to "cure" people and I've personally met two people that were "cured", an ex bi woman and a ex gay man. The bi lady kept being straight and the gay guy didn't, probably because for him was harder to keep pretending. These churches don't do this conversion camp thing though, as far as i know. Another common way for homophobic parents to try to "cure" their child is to make them go to a christian therapist so they can be converted back to straightness. Are these camps really like this in the US? (Without the exaggerated bits of course lol)