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Teleportation as that would enable me to travel freely, anywhere I wanted, anytime I wanted.

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good one. especially if it could take you to the other side of the universe and have a life support bubble around you for air. it would be neat to see what space looks like.

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My grand plans consisted of things like... going to a concert in Los Angeles and just being able to return home after it, or traveling to Tierra del Fuego without flights, or just going for a quick lunch in Paris and visit my aunt, going to the girl's night at Goldfinger in Japan and things like that. But it would be neat to be able to answer the question whether there's (or for those that prefer: other) intelligent life in the universe or not.

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Great one! Did you see the film Jumper(2008)?

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I have not, but I will look it up.

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Ability to mass-read of minds (and subconciousnes), even on great distances. So I can understand everyone better, and predict assassination attempt and many crimes, before those even happen.

That should be enough to change the world forever, and fix majority of the issues in the world. And change them in a legit way, by doing changes and saying words that people will appreciate and change themselves on their own, without force involved.

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If Buffy the Vampire Slayer taught me anything, it's that mass mind reading is a dangerous and potentially overwhelming power.

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It should be, yes. However, I am already crazy and can control myself very well, so I have no worries about going even more crazy!

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i loved buffy! :) :) good point. nice to meet another fan :)

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I'd just wish I was super smart. So I can invent sth useful for humanity. Like a vaccine, or a treatment for cancer etc.

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Speed/agility. I don't care about picking up women. That's what the red pill is for. I'd much rather actually save people whether it be from human trafficking, clean up a neighborhood from gangs and crime lords, partner up with another hero that maybe has the brains to do crazy gadgets that could aid not only us in making the community a better place but also law enforcement(the non corrupt ones who had their butts handed to them).

Peter had all these crazy gadgets in PS4 Spider Man but only kept it to himself. I never understood that, same with Miles. The only excuse that was kind of mentioned was if Spidey were to sell or patent his creations, he'd have to give up his identity. I'd risk it. Afterall, he is protected by the Avengers.

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    Mind control is pretty much rape. You're controlling someone's mind and overpowering their body for your own gain without their consent. I'd like to be a superhero not Brock Turner.

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      It's without their consent. You'll be like Superman, who eventually becomes a tyrant in which Super Girl has to come in and try to save the world from Superman (lol)

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        But who will decide who is evil? And when most evil-evil people will be in jail or dead, who will become next evil? It is pretty dangerous power.

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          For some reason mentions of "Rope" and law reminded me about both "Minority Report" and "Equilibrium" movies.

          And I like quote from there: "The fact that we prevent it from happening does not change the fact (and reason why) it was going to happen". Removing all bandits will not stop new bandits from appearing. As bandits are only the symptom of the disease.

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          You guys just hit on the biggest philosophical question out there. But I agree with your stance taken from Minority Report (great movie): evil is subjective. And we have to find the balance between prevention and punishment.

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          Yup, was gonna say. And evil isn't a binary variable, it's a gradient (or honestly that even is too limited of a descriptor, because it's linear).

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                                very altruistic. the world needs a lot of saving right now. the red pill has me curious -- i haven't heard of it before. but it is sounding like a bad thing.

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                                It's bad in regards to how they view women. It's good in regards to how it can improve your sex life. It's the male version of Female Dating Stragedy.

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                                It is bad, but at least it is better than NLP - that is even more ugly.

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                                Natural language processing..?

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                                This thing. It is about people perceive you on how you speak and move during speaking, so by twisting your language and body moves you can "hypnose" people to do things they don't want to. However, works not on everyone, so you may need a lot of tries on a lot of people (yeah, just ask million people and one will answer the way you wanted).

                                However, in general it was used as "ask every single woman for a date, act like an animal, be rude with women, act like they are nothing, and one in 1000 will answer and you will have sex". I think it was from where all incels appeared. It was very popular here among boys-loosers, lol.

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                                Ohhhh, wow. I did not know there was a name for this, I have seen this exact thing before though. Sounds like negging, but a philosophy. That is really cult-y.


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                                Time control. It’s OP, trust me. Who can stop you when you can literally just reverse time and prevent them from finishing their plan?

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                                but what about messing up the timeline. i don't watch "the flash" on tv (i watch supergirl instead on the CW), but i see funnies all the time about how barry, the flash, messes up the timeline by going back in time to fix something and ends up messing up something else. if i could reverse time and stop one bad thing without the butterfly effect of bothering other things that would be cool.

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                                I've watched enough Umbrella Academy recently to think this might be a bad idea hah

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                                Invisibility, flight, or the ability to control time.

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                                all 3 of those are really good ones. i'd like to be able to travel back in time too.

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                                Altering memories specifically for the purpose of making most people forget they ever met me.

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                                Performing an Obliviate spell could be useful, sometimes.

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                                I think we found the introvert

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                                This is an imaginary situation. It is not worth insulting a real human being over something that is never going to happen.

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                                I would want to be able to understand, speak, read, and write in any language - past; present, or future.

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                                The power to turn any girl into a lesbian hungry to fuck me lol

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                                That's hot.

                                Even, tho, doing things with people against their will is not very nice (or more like very not nice). But to be fair, when I had crushes into straight women, I had sinned once or twice by wishing about similar powers, haha.

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                                I saw a movie about a lesbian who had magical power to turn desire into a reality. And a girl feel in love with her, simply because she desired it. Having a power to turn girl into lesbian and making them fall in love with you, it is the desire of any lesbian. It would make life easier.

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                                Well, I don't want someone to be with me only because I wish they will be with me, I'd love them to be with me because they do love me. So just turning whole world at least bisexual would be enough, I think :D

                                For turning everyone to lesbians we will need to first make sure we can do babies in only-female couples. It was tested on other mammals, with healthy offsprings, but not on humans (yet).

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                                Me neither.Even though, their feelings in that scenario would be the same as ones came naturally, in the end. But we were talking about magical powers, and that would be a cool power to have, considering the small dating poll you know lol

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                                the small dating pol

                                More like no dating pool at all here QQ

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                                Here, you mean where you live? If you're stuck in a small place, it can mean no hope whatsoever. Only bigger urban places are decent.

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                                Yeah, where I live, as it is relatively small city. And even in country it is tough to find anyone. I wasn't really searching for last 6-7 years, tho. Only this year is somehow different and I am starting to feel lonely sometimes.

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                                I'm sorry. Living in a small place can suck. Younger people all go to the bigger city to study and work. And if as hetero can be hard but you can always find someone, as a lesbian you got zero hope. But at least, there are dating apps. It would suck much more without them

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                                I chose it myself, tho. It is calm and nice place, with forest, river and many lakes nearby.

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                                I don’t really want a superpower lol. Maybe the power of making a impenetrable force field. That way if I could walk around naked and I would never have to be afraid. And I could protect others. Anything else would be such a burden I think.

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                                Flight or teleportation!

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                                Time travel or something like Vanya Hargreeves power on The Umbrella Academy.

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                                mine would be to heal peoples physical and mental illnesses

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                                oh very good one!!!