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Let’s be real I think most people with eyes would agree women are the better looking sex.

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This reminds me of a comedian saying that women were created by an Italian designer on a relaxed evening sipping champagne in-between visits from the muses. While men were a Friday night's late shift at a soviet factory.

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OMG this is amazing! I need this on a coffee mug or a poster!

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Of course. Objectively, women are way better looking on average. Men grow bald, have hair coming out of their nose and ears, beer belly, receding hairline, visible pores.

Women take way better care of themselves (because of the insane pressure on our appearance) and women don't have as much testosterone as men. Testosterone ages you.

And men reek. Like ugh.

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Ew. I feel viscerally uncomfortable reading all that. You are right lol.

One of the things I love most about women is how they smell. Like not even shampoo or perfume or whatever, just, they smell good naturally.

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I mean, we're all probably a bit biased here ;)

But yeah, never understood what made a guy hot. It was like a guessing game.

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I assumed all women thought women were attractive, and all women didn't find men attractive but said they wanted to date them because they had to. Because that was the case for me. Lol. I had no idea that the way I viewed women was different from the way many other girls saw women.

Growing up, I always thought, "All the boys around me are not very attractive and all the girls are WAY more attractive." Funny how every school I went to was like that.. and every event.....

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Hahahahahhhaha oh god i felt exactly the same way. Every school, boys were never attractive and girls always were

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Yes. I loved looking at books with all the romantic paintings by John William Waterhouse & co because of all the beautiful women. Could never understand what was meant to be appealing about men.

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Waterhouse might have turned me gay. Lady of Shallot. Also, I am an artist. Mucha, Sargent.

Georgia O’Keeffe was apparently bi. She looks like such a dyke to me. Wow, she was striking.

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That is awesome you're an artist! What kind of art do you make. Georgia O'Keefe made such beautiful art, and yeah, what a handsome woman! Seems like she separated from her husband and had a series of female 'friends.' Another artist I love is Evelyn de Morgan. I adore her paintings, but I also love how committed she was to being an artist, and how she told everyone to fuck off when they tried to stop her. My kinda lady, haha.

Mucha's art is gorgeous. I don't really know the right names for all the styles, but I love that line-art work type style from the early 20th century.

Edit: Art Nouveau of course.

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Even my straight lady friends will admit that women are nice to look at, but only want to physically be with men. It’s a bummer they do because it would add some good genes to the lesbian pool if they did.

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Amen! Women are so beautiful! I think it's certainly part of the higher beauty standards foisted upon us. Whereas for men, they can look like they just half-way got out of bed.

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                    Yes. All the fucking time. I honestly still can't understand if women really are more aesthetically pleasing or I'm just really biased.

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                      Women are just objectively more aesthetically pleasing than men Did anyone else ever think this, or even say it out loud, before realising you're a lesbian?

                      Never.There are men that I find very handsome and women I find hideously ugly,but I am just only sexually attracted to women.

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                      I'm really glad you spoke up because I am actually kind of this way too. I think some men look aesthetically pleasing, as often as women do, but I just don't feel any draw towards them, it's just like, "Oh. Cool." whereas with women, I actually feel something when I look at them. (That sounds emo lol but I am talking about attraction, to be clear.)

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                      Realised early on. Thanks Brazilian soap operas! Mid '90s, power in the village is switched back on at 6pm and the women gather round the one TV set. We watch and then discuss the drama. They are all going to bits because of Ricardo' s muscles and I'm keeping shtum about Juanita's gorgeous eyes.

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                      Oh yes, this sounds like me when I was a kid and throughout my life. I rarely find men aesthetically pleasing, and even then it's usually because I like his outfit or he's a very pretty boy.

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                      Yes haha I remember saying that out loud more than once as a kid. And I was only ever interested in drawing women back then too, I had a folder on my computer for pose references to practice art when I was like 13 but the entire folder was just pictures of women I found beautiful 😶 I justified it as 'the female form just makes for better art' lmaoo. Somehow despite that it would take me a couple more years to realize I was a lesbian

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                      I said this all. The. Time. And no one--not even my straight female friends--said otherwise.

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                      I don't think this is controversial. I have heard many, many straight women say this out loud. Many more straight males. Every lesbian. Hell, I have actually heard some gay guys say this. So there you go.

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                      I said this out loud all the time for all of my life and no one batted an eyelash. I had straight female friends agree but I think they were more thinking of women’s grooming standards.

                      I also have a close female friend who is an artist and agrees that women have objectively more pleasing bodies and features so she prefers drawing them. Not just based on this but I would not be surprised, though unclear how much of this is out of my own self-interest, that she has low levels of bisexuality within her. In fact when I came out to her as a lesbian she was the one being like “Are you sure you’re full gay? Isnt everyone a little gay? Isn’t sexuality fluid?”

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                      My main rationalization for years for why I wasn't gay was, "It's not my opinion if it's objectively true."