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All places I know were either infiltrated by transes and straight non-binaries or were banned. Seems like we are underground again.

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You could join a Discord sever if you're into that

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Not OP, but I have a phobia of discord! There were so many people who were really nasty in the last one I was in and it just became toxic

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Yeah I joined the TL discord and it was a load of alt-right (presumbaly) teenagers using really foul language, then lecturing me on freedom of speech when I said I found it crude/it made me cringe. It was so far from the supportive, intelligent, open-minded, non-hostile subreddit I felt was home.

IDK it was nothing like TL at all, or even the reddit chat (which I only joined once but felt really cozy and not like 'WTF is this place...').

It's really put me off joining any other tl-releated discords. I just miss TL, really bad. I used to be a borderline-daily poster but saidit just doesn't feel the same :/.

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I know someone who met her girlfriend on a discord server. I might be tempted to join one for that reason. Other than that, nah.

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Yep, I joined a discord only to realize everyone on there was a teenager - hard pass.

Edit: Okay, I replied to the wrong comment, but I'm leaving it lol.

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Mid-30s here, met my girlfriend on discord. It was a psychology server though and definitely not lesbian-specific. Anyway, for all its faults (and there are many) discord > dating apps all day. If you find the right server there are some great discussions to be had, and you're able to get to know people organically.

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They're mostly far left severs, or for young gamers only. Not for salty old leftovers like this stale grain.

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I've heard there are some private subreddits that didn't get taken down in the purge but I've never got round to seeing if I could join so I can't comment on them

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r/ActuallyLesbian is decent for Reddit, but it's super small and rather quiet. They do allow trans users but don't allow trans topics (either direction). You can't really talk about anything controversial though, just casual discussions. I've seen trans people complain it's a "terf sub", and I've seen people on SaidIt complain about them allowing trans users. Seems like they're trying to be something in the middle and I'm guessing they'd risk getting banned pretty quick by reddit if they weren't.

But like I said it's small and quiet. I'm not aware of anywhere active unfortunately, even this place gets quiet (or I just forget about it frequently). There is a Discord server for TrueLesbians but I forget about that one too. Plus it's a chat room which isn't my favorite format, I like the Reddit/SaidIt forum style.

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I have a GC/Rad Fem discord. Most of the active users are over 30 thankfully. Though the younger people are great too.

It’s not just for Lesbians though since I’m one I seem to have a lot lol.

If you have a GC social media post/comment history dm me for an invite