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I loom knit about once a year haha, this year I am trying to knit some hats for the needy in my community, for Christmas.

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I totally understand. I have a few hobbies/pastimes I tend to cycle through. The current crochet cycle is 100% to blame on a friend at work. She was teaching herself to crochet and had questions -- I literally told her, "You're going to make me go digging in my closet for my yarn, aren't you?"

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I'm very slowly learning to crochet! I want to make a scarf for my girlfriend for Christmas but it's been slow-going, because I'm not very good yet

Also "frogging it" is the most hilarious f-bomb I've ever seen hahahaha

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I must admit, it took me a while to get used to "frogging" as a term. (comes from rip it! rip it!) The one that still weirds me out is "Hoth" which means "hot off the hook." But, it's also the name of the snowy planet in Empire Strikes Back -- so my brain never thinks crochet when I see Hoth!

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I'm forever in progress of wanting to start knitting. I want to make a scarf for my girlfriend, hopefully after my busy season I can sit down and get to it.

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Loom knitting is super easy, I recommend it! Hats and scarves are the easiest to make.

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Regrettably, I am solely a crocheter, so I can't help at all with knitting. But I can offer moral support! I must say, it is really neat/fun to have a finished object that you can literally say you made yourself. So if you've the time, it's fun to start. Yes, you'll feel clumsy the first few projects -- but it will surprise you how quickly you do pick it up.

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I finished a crochet scarf that looks like the gorgeous one Marta wears in Knives Out, and I've been trying to get back into knitting, but I can never seen to hold the yarn and needles right.

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I've been crocheting since high school -- but I cannot knit. The few times I've tried, I get annoyed at the needles because they don't work as easily as crocheting works for me. ('cause of course it's the needles' fault.) Therefore, I really admire someone who can do both!

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I'm about half done with a sweater that uses tapestry crochet to make a fair isle-esque design around the torso and the arms, I am perpetually in the middle of a granny hexagon afghan using up scrap yarn, and I plan on starting a Scheepjes crochet-along pattern for an afghan soon.

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I've not done tapestry crochet, but I have done crochet cables or front-post and back-post. They're difficult! They were fun as a tiny accent to a design, but I wouldn't do a whole project with them again!

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Yes!!! Finishing off Christmas presents and the scarf I started months ago....

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I’m learning. Right now, I’m trying to get the basics of knitting before I actually make anything that could possibly be wearable. Embroidery is fun, though (as long as I don’t screw up).