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I don't care how geeky it is to respond to this...although it does remind I should make a thread on Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Just like the last game, they allow for same sex relations. Haven't played it yet though.

Anywho, the only reason I can think of for those fans to choose to be human is the fact that humans have come a long way. Humans aren't just weaklings who can't protect themselves. It was humans who created the mutants, after world in the world of Pix. This in itself goes to show just how smart and savvy the humans are when it comes to science and technology. Given how our every day society pushes for STEM, this absolutely makes sense.

Another reason is maybe being a spell caster or someone who's involved with magic is too matriarchal. Many cultures that dabble in the occult, witch craft, rituals evolving around magic in reality are often rule by a matriarch.

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This is my own opinion, but I love playing humans in fantasy worlds (DnD or the like.) The everyman character is appealing to a lot of people

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Haven't played DnD, but what appeal could a human have compared to those with magic or powers? =/

The technology component is reasonable but there's hardly any tech in dnd, and most fantasy genres.

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I'm always choosing magic, no matter what world it is. Unless there's too much work for little reward, then I'd rather cast spells or have some type of super power.

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It would make sense if this world just had one type of spellcaster. Buy there are species within this specie. I was just shocked over all. Maybe once more chapters are release and/or the book becomes more popular, there'll be others who choose spellcaster...if there's a second poll.

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I'm more surprised people picked mutant Who'd want to be something humans created? Lol that sounds so creepy to me

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I'm assuming the peeps who voted all read the first chapter and from the description the pixies give of the mutants, mutants are kind of x-men like. Humans created in labs. At least that's the impression I got, lol. It makes sense they would choose mutant if they also had the same impression as me. I'm much more into magic, was a huge fan of Charmed, Willow from Buffy, The Craft, of course, Harry Potter, even studied wiccanism. So choosing spell caster was a given for me.