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If people do enjoy the sub, then I think it's great for them. It's a definite that any reddit sub will grow as most people are on reddit after all. Personally, I don't have much interest in participating in a sub that allows even one shred of TQ ideology. If you don't put your foot down, you risk becoming a doormat. With anything to do with the TQ, if you give one inch, they will take a mile.

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I left it the second they started to promote bullshit like bottom and top energy moodboards. Like, they clearly don't understand that top and bottom isn't a lesbian thing, especially when it's as stupid as 'if you're butch, you're a top'.

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Oh gross. I'd love to join another actually lesbian online community but not one full of teenagers or weirdos who try to appropriate gay male slang even though it literally makes no sense with us.

(I've also seen the top/bottom thing--in relation to lesbians--on TikTok, which also skews pretty young. And dumb, apparently.)

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I don't know why this has caught on in lesbian and "lesbian" circles. It seems like it's mostly the younger ones who don't know any better that say it. Still super annoying because the dynamic doesn't really translate completely because of how lesbian sex works.

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Well. That sub lasted longer than I thought it would but I knew it would be targeted sooner or later. Watch it be gone without warning in a few days just like r/TrueLesbians.

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Unfortunately yesterday it was posted on several ‘against hate subreddits’ subs :/. What’s fucked up is that the sub really is very censored and mild, so it would really be infuriating if it got banned in the face of subs like TheRedPill still going... I no longer feel safe posting on it anymore, it’s just going to get brigaded and posters will be harassed...

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You were completely right. 5 days later lol.

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Those comments were somewhat disappointing. Looks like quite a few subscribers of r/BL believe in the trans nonsense.

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Aaand they got banned, sadly. They didn't even discuss anything trans related.

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I just saw. The whole time I lurked, I maybe saw three whole threads with conversations that were trans-related but they were the tamest I'd ever seen on Reddit. It was mostly stuff like "why do translesbians get their own spaces but not us?" and "I feel lonely because so many lesbians are identifying out of womanhood."

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It has become clear to me that these bans aren't even to protect trans women, but just out of hatred and or fear of lesbian women.

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So they believed in the trans nonsense, but didn't discuss it much, and still got banned?