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Upper body strength. It's partly the fault of Gideon from Gideon the Ninth that I'm doing this.

The Plan (which I'm almost a week into now, I started early) is that every time I'm at a sink to wash my hands, do 15 push ups against the sink. It's not too hard, but it's enough that I feel it. I've been low-grade sore, but not too painful, for days now, so I think I'm doing something right. Even if I don't remember every time I'm at a sink, as long as I get in 3 sets a day its ok.

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Yo, that helps! I wanted to define my abs more as well as my v-cut. I started doing declined push ups at the sink, inclined push ups on the tub then sink eventually. Also did pull ups and chin ups. Your upper body will definitely start to define. I saw a difference in four to six weeks. Keep at it. You're doing it right!

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Is there anything that is to pull-ups as inclined push-ups are to normal push-ups? A milder version I can start with because I'm weak as shit?

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If you have access to a gym, lat pulldowns. Otherwise:

assisted pullups - you put a foot on a chair so it's not your entire bodyweight

negatives - start head above bar and just lower yourself

dead hangs - just hang fully extended for as long as you can

flex hangs - hold you head above the bar for as long as you can

body rows - if you can find a bar at waist height ( I think some people use edges of tables - just be sure it's solid), you can pull yourself up like an upside down pushup

there are lots of pull up progression programs out there. I've never done one so I can't recommend a specific, but I've been wanting to do a pullup for a long time (how I know these exercises), so maybe this will be a goal of mine too.

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Lose weight.Gain some muscle mass.Upgrade my academic status.

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I'm thinking about getting braces, I'm in my 30s so I'm really nervous about it and I know people will think I look silly and I'm dating right now and I can't imagine anyone would want to date someone with braces. I have very straight teeth now and I take good care of them, so they don't look bad but I have an overbite that I'm very self-conscious about. I've been going back and forth in my head and I think I'm going to go for it later this month, or at least start the process.

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I need it too. I have a bad overbite and need an operation. Got them as a kid, but they turned bad again, it's a bone problem. Well, at least where I live, the operation is free. There are braces with cerAmic fixers which are not very visible. Why should they not want to date someone with braces. Unless you have Ugly betty braces, isn't bad, I hope :D

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Sounds like we have the same issue, I had braces as a kid (which is why I have straight teeth now) but my jaw continued to grow. Unfortunately, my health insurance will only cover "ugly betty braces" aka wire braces, so yeah, I'm going to look like a dork!

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But there are ceramic wire braces, which are not visible.

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My only goal that I have influence in is a work promotion.

Everything else depends on Covid-19: gyms reopening, libraries reopening, concerts and theatre opening up.

Oh, and I hope I have better luck with video games in 2021. This year was wack. Ghost of Tishishuma and Spider-Man: Miles Morales were the only good ones for me.

So many other games released this year had glitches and bugs up the ass or bland stories.

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I've been unemployed since the summer due to covid, so getting a new job - hopefully a new career in a new field and not just some temporary position - is my number 1 goal.

I also want to get more...mindful? about playing video games. I tend to waste time playing dumb timesink games (like wasting a night playing The Sims or Stardew Valley) instead of playing narrative games and RPGs, which I find more fulfilling.

Good luck with the work promotion.

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Good luck to you as well; many places are hiring remotely so it may come even easier! If you speak more than one language, places like Language Line and Cyracom are hiring for interpreters with no experience.

If you don't wanna rush into an action adventure too quickly then a suggestion I'll make is the video game Home. It's a game about a lesbian who goes home to discover herself and her girlfriend. It's a suspense, not really a thriller though.

Then maybe after that, there's The Last of Us 2 and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey!

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Mostly personal goals, but they don't involve extensive traveling so Covid won't really get in the way. But one thing that I'd want to do, would be to learn to make more desserts, which is something I'm interested in, but never quite gotten around to doing. Another would be, for lack of a better word, to put in a more decorative style to certain cooking recipes that will look really nice on events like special occasions.

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That's really cool, I've gotten away from cooking because my current apartment's kitchen is garbage, but making and decorating desserts sounds like a neat creative outlet.

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Get an internship abroad. Gain worthwhile experience in a relevant lab. Keeping negative thoughts under control.

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Unfortunately my goals are the same as last year because covid got in the way. But it's to get serious about dating and to attend more events/meet new people. I am a bit of a shut in. I think it'll at least be possible in the second half of the yr.

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Stop eating junk food, get off my arse and loose weight. Also starting my first real (career) job which is exciting, so most of my goals will relate to that.

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  1. To train my voice and get it as close as possible to how it used to be 1a. To be able to sing in a female voice part again
  2. To start strength training again
  3. To grow out my hair
  4. To get more involved with environmental activism