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They are bisexuals. Bisexuals can have very-long term fluctuations of who they are attracted to. If they are dating men, they are not lesbians, no matter what kind of act they put on because they refuse to call themselves bisexuals. I've come across bisexuals who can put out oscar-winning performances on sounding like a politically-correct lesbian, but they never were lesbians to begin with.

If they are in their 30's and 40's and dating men, they are bisexuals who view it as their last ditch effort to marry a man and have that white-picket fence family that they dream of. Women in that age-group who are lesbians, who are mature, who got their shit together and desire a long-term relationship are already married to each other. The others have the option to have a child of their own if they just want to have family around for later. Only heterosexuals and bisexuals have the desire to attach themselves to a man no matter what.

I'm in my 30's and will never marry any dude whatsoever. And I don't need to. I've got my future planned out, regardless of whether a female partner is in the picture or not. I like having my own independent plans. I also dislike sex with men, and believe me, I tried to like it (I'm not a goldstar). But you see, this is the difference between lesbians and straight/bisexual women.

And your friends do not equal every lesbian on the planet, for I'm not seeing the same on my side.

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I'm not seeing the same on my side.

yeah, I don't either

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Glad things are sane on your end!

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I'm in my 30's and will never marry any dude whatsoever. And I don't need to. I've got my future planned out, regardless of whether a female partner is in the picture or not.

Yeah, I've been planning my life since my pre-teens and it's never involved a man. I've made space for a woman, but if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. I'll take my savings and go find something else to do. In no situation am I going to start dating or marrying a man. My entire childhood has been building myself up to be self-sufficient enough to make the choices I want to make.

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Thank you for your imput, it might be just a coincidence on my part but it was weirding me out and this is literally the only place were I can vent/rant about these things without being called b1ph0b1c or whatever

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This made me think about something. I remembered a short while ago, I caught sight of a video on a PUA/Redpill channel where a lady who called in to one of those dating coaches, claimed that she used to like women, and now at a later age, wants to marry a man.

It's clear that there is some nonsense going on. For me, I'm quite happy being with a woman for the rest of my life and beyond. So, if these women are finding it so teeth-pulling to be with a woman, why are they even calling themselves a lesbian or even waste their own time dating one?

And if you are talking about practicality in the later years, it was never "a man" that is the solution but the youth.

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Yes. I’m like you (not a gold star) and I agree there is a total difference. No women and straight women enjoy the sex and are attracted to men, I don’t enjoy sex with men and I don’t find them attractive. If I’m alone in my late 30’s I’m going to order stuff from a cryobank and have kids alone. I hope I don’t end up alone, but I’m not going to settle for a guy and live a lie.

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"I also dislike sex with men, and believe me, I tried to like it (I'm not a goldstar). But you see, this is the difference between lesbians and straight/bisexual women."

Hmm what? Bisexual and straight women can also dislike sex with males as well and don't want to do it, you know? How is that the difference?

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Eh? I've never seen straight and bisexual women say they dislike sex with men. If you are talking about degrading and violent sex, then sure. There are enough straight/bisexual women who hate it. But I've not seen any who dislike vanilla sex or hetero sex that is done the way she likes it. Whereas I don't like any kind of sex with men at all. I also don't find the majority of men even "objectively attractive".

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I actually see more of the opposite. r/LBL has taught me to be dubious though.

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LBL is basically a meme sub

"i've got 3 kids to 2 different fathers, i have a long term boyfriend, i love cock and having sex with men but i think i'm a lesbian?"

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Yeah I'm always looking sideways at the "straight" to "lesbian" stories I read online, but I know several lesbians IRL who came out after decades of playing it straight. Obviously, a lot more people feel safe to come out since it's not such a big deal nowadays (where I live anyway).

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What i’m seeing is on one side, a lot more girls dating girls, or experimenting, or whatever while I also see these “long term lesbians” who i would have thought had their sexuality already figured out, going to men, or back to men. I don’t care as much about the second group, it’s just surprising, but I try to not be judgemental (not sure if I always succeed. That’s human nature though isn’t it? It’s refreshing to say “i might be wrong thinking this” without the backlash). I’m more observing of the second group. But I was just making an observation

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Nope. Where do you live lol

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Last month a closer friend, who had recently come out as lesbian and had never dated a man before went on a tinder date with a guy out of nowhere, ended up going home with him and said it was the best sex she had ever had.

This sounds super fake, and not even just because of the lesbian part. What woman has the best sex of her life with a fucking tinder date? Zero emotional connection, no nuanced knowledge of one another's bodies or likes/dislikes, plus the fact that men in these scenarios tend to not give a fuck about their partner's pleasure. This sounds like bullshit.

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I didn't wanna say anything but I thought that too...

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not really (where do you live) because over time I see the opposite, moreover there was even a study on that :

Majority of "mostly homosexual" identified women changed their identity towards "100% homosexual". What boosted so hugely the probability of women to change their identity compared to men was very large number of women who identified as 100% heterosexual by Wave 3 but changed their identity to "mostly heterosexual" by Wave 4. But not more than just "mostly heterosexual", in fact the number of bisexual identified women decreased between the waves. Here's the raw data:

WOMEN: 100% heterosexual: 5,685 (Wave 3); 5,348 (Wave 4) Mostly heterosexual: 677 (W3); 1,021 (W4) Bisexual: 168 (W3); 148 (W4) Mostly homosexual: 34 (W3); 50 (W4) 100% homosexual: 30 (W3); 64 (W4) MEN: 100% heterosexual: 5,228 (W3); 5,192 (W4) Mostly heterosexual: 178 (W3); 187 (W4) Bisexual: 38 (W3); 29 (W4) Mostly homosexual: 40 (W3); 51 (W4) 100% homosexual: 73 (W3); 105 (W4)

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What study is this?

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that of Dr. McClintock which lasted 6 years

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Bisexuality. Look it up.