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Did anyone else see– there was a post yesterday or maybe the day before to discuss 'issues facing the lesbian community', and the top (2nd top?) upvoted answer was something like "I feel there's an elephant in the room we're not allowed to address". Mod replied something like "What are you referring to?" and got so many downvotes their response was hidden.

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Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if the hate for the mod generated from the actions on that post is what finally got to her.

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I saw it. It was in the top spot. I guess that's why we can't have nice things :(

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A reminder that AverageGIJane was no friend of TrueLesbians and it’s moderators.

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Yup, this is a statement from one of the mods:

"I am (was) a mod there. Our head mod has been receiving hate messages for a while and got burnt out on moderating. Instead of stepping down she closed it and locked us other mods out. We are working on a solution to restore the community but it may take a while."

The thread where it is posted on is now attracting a lot of attention from TRA's accusing everyone of being terfs. So I am guessing that's where the hate was coming from.

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She got passive aggressive and antagonistic pretty frequently and viewed the downvotes she got as a result as a personal attack so there was probably criticism from within also (and based on how she reacted to downvotes im sure she took criticism personally). From my experience on there i have much more faith in the other mods, who at least kept things professional. Unfortunately throwing a tantrum is not out of character for her.

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As I understand they recieved hate from both sides, but a lot more from former truelesbian users who wanted it to become the new TL. Part of it I'm sure is due to the other side not having their space abolished so they had somewhere else to go to discuss/complain about other issues.

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lol even the people who play along with transbians delusions are getting banished now

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I really, really hope it peaked at least some of the lesbians there

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It's a little funny tbh

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Yeah it went private :(

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Follow up question: is r/truebutch still a thing? I sent a mod message once but never heard back

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Doubt it, anything with "true" is a ban guarantee now. If not banned its probably private permanently

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There also seems to be a few private honeypots out there masquerading as LGB-only. Reddit is a lost cause if you want a lesbian only sub. All the active ones are full of TQ+s or bi women pretending to be lesbians. Even r/TrueGayMen got banned after they wiped out basically all the lesbian subs.

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Wish there was a by lesbians for lesbians website. This sub is good but its still on saiddit and ovarit lesbians isnt much of a community its so small and the site is focused on politics so theres not much general chat :/

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I was just thinking about making a thread about wanting a lesbian only social media site. I wish we had one.

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You should make one. I totally agree and I bet a lot of other lesbians do too

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Speaking of Ovarit, can a girl get a code?