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Just wanted to say I totally relate, and you're not alone, a bunch of us feel like this. I am also currently struggling to decide whether I should tell a close friend about all of this, I'm afraid of damaging our relationship.

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The best way to get an idea of what they're thinking is mention something in passing, especially if it's in the news (like if a gay movie or trans movie is nominated for an Oscar or something) and use that to gauge their reaction. I used it on religious family members and their poor reaction was enough to send so far back in the closet that I reached Narnia.

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I used it on religious family members and their poor reaction was enough to send so far back in the closet that I reached Narnia.

Omg hahahahaha. This is brilliant, I might steal this. Also, I'm so sorry that happened to you! And your suggestion is a good one. Maybe I should make a list of good "testing the waters" questions.

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It's an older joke, but yeah, it's better to test the waters, especially if you're unsure.

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Tempted to make a meme out of it now.

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This is a good idea, although I worry she would probably be polite and wouldn't bring up any controversial opinions herself if brought up casually. I think if she felt the way I do she'd be just as hesitant to bring it up. But it couldn't hurt to try

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Personally I feel much better now. We always said that this TRA shit will end when straight people become aware and realize how anti-social and destructive queer critical theory is.I was heartened by the understanding shown by heterosexual men for the tremendous harm TRAs did to lesbians.I did not expect it to be honest and was pleasantly surprised.

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Part of me is also happy, relieved that it's going to get more attention. But a part of me is afraid it won't be enough. I also have mixed feelings about support from groups I wouldn't otherwise have associated with, or that I disagree with on most other issues. I get the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend but it still doesn't feel great.

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This! I feel the same. I honestly think tide is turning and a lot more people are waking up. Once straight people get involved it'll be known in the general public and most people don't agree with what TRAs are doing.

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Have you thought about joining online communities like those found in Discord? There's often people ranting about topics like this, I would recommend any lesbo who frequents this sub or LGBDropTheT to join u/MaxinistaFemmeinista's server, it's nice and chill.

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I was when the initial ban stuff happened but I hadn't been active on it for awhile because it takes a lot of mental energy for me to keep up with a discord so I go removed, I assume for inactivity. I might ask to rejoin

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That'd be my problem too, I have periods of activity and inactivity so I don't even try to join haha...

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Is it voice chat?

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I’m sorry you’re feeling angry and afraid. It’ll be okay even if it doesn’t seem like it.

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Thank you, on a rational level I know this. But I just feel so wound up and anxious.